Headlies: Goldberg Hopes to Learn Plenty During Upcoming NXT Run

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Speculation has run rampant regarding former two-time wrestling World Champion Bill Goldberg. The 49-year-old heavyweight grappler hasn’t taken part in a wrestling match in over twelve years, but recent talks with WWE through video game conglomerate 2K Sports have Goldberg closer than ever to re-donning the tights.

If a deal with WWE is officially hammered out, Goldberg will follow the path of any other green-as-grass wrestler that signs on with the Connecticut-based entertainment company by reporting to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, where he recently took part in a tryout. For Goldberg, the Performance Center would hopefully be the gateway to beginning a tenure with the developmental NXT brand, where novice wrestlers like himself learn how to work the crowd, hone the fundamentals of televised wrestling, and perhaps most importantly, how not to concuss their opponent to the point where they forget how to pronounce certain consonants.

“He has a lot to learn, but I have confidence in him,” said Matt Bloom, the Performance Center’s head trainer since March 2015. “Becoming a main event performer doesn’t happen overnight, but this Goldberg seems to have the passion and drive to push through, though it’s going to take time. I see a lot of Braun Strowman in him, I really do. And Strowman’s still learning how to get over, which is something we suspect Goldberg will also struggle with.”

“I’m no different than anyone else,” Goldberg humbly noted, following his Performance Center tryout several weeks back alongside other WWE hopefuls like Eddie Kingston and Heidi Lovelace. “It’s a process, but I have to earn everything. I don’t expect WWE to just hand me things like video game covers based on nostalgia, you know?”

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6 Responses to "Headlies: Goldberg Hopes to Learn Plenty During Upcoming NXT Run"
  1. John C says:

    Then Goldberg exited the room and accidently smashed the door into the photographer’s face who was taking his picture for the PWI Bottom 500. He then inadvertantly stepped on the doorman’s foot breaking three of the man’s toes and managed to break the hand of a taxicab driver he was merely handing his fare to. An amused Brock Lesnar looked on and then elbowed a guy in the head who happened to walk by splitting him open.

  2. Thomas Moffatt says:

    The door to the performance centre tore open and Mr McMahon stormed in arms flailing as his haemorrhoids throbbed worse than usual, “WHO RE-SIGNED RYBACK?!” he bellowed, “I THOUGHT WE GOT RID OF HIM!”

  3. Geoff says:

    When Goldberg goes out into the hallway he runs into Brock Lesner, both stare each other down for about 15 minutes. An antsy crowd starts chanting: “You sold out!” Bill and Brock continue to stare each other down, do two supermoves and then security rush in to break them up. Crowd boos them out of hallway. BUT Vince comes up with a great idea: at WM 3670, Bill Goldberg vs. Brock Lesner, Last Man Standing Grudge match of the Century. Better… stop… giving… Vince… ideas….

  4. Chris says:

    This article is gloriously brutal

  5. whorefinder says:

    Samoa Joe does not approve of this article.

  6. Sean O says:

    Say hello to Gold Billberg.

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