Headlies: George Wells Still Jobbin’ & Frothin’ on the Indy Circuit

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Recently, WCNewz caught up with an accomplished pro wrestler who held titles in nearly every North American territory in the late 1970’s & 1980’s: George Wells.

However, Wells, who also played in the Canadian Football League, isn’t known for being the Southeastern Championship Wrestling Champion or co-holder of 4 Tag-Team Titles in his career.

Instead, he’s best known for losing to Jake “The Snake” Roberts at WrestleMania 2 & infamously frothing at the mouth after Jake laid his pet snake “Damien” over George’s face and it wrapped itself around his neck.

“Yeah. That’s what people remember most,” said Wells backstage in Lead Hill, Arkansas, as he dressed for his Barnyard Match by sliding into his trusty blue-stripe-on-powder-blue pants ensemble.

“How’d you do it?” our reporter asked.

Wells smiled broadly.

“Well, I have real bad acid reflux, so I just pop an Alka-Seltzer or two before a match and after I invariably get beat within a couple minutes, I just belch real quick-like and it’s gurgle-gurgle time!”

When asked why, precisely, he’d want to do such a thing, Wells angrily retorted, “That’s what’s wrong with you kids today – you just don’t understand this business.”

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