Headlies: Everyone At Halloween Party Thinks Jay White Is Wearing A Costume

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Los Angeles, CA – New Japan star Jay “Switchblade” White attended a party this weekend in the greater Los Angeles area and was unaware that it was a Halloween party. Unfortunately for White, he was simply dressed as himself. Many attendees assumed he was in a costume much to his chagrin..

“Yo, man. Killer Danzig costume,” said one woman dressed in a Sexy Trump costume.

“Hell yeah. We are 138, bro!” exclaimed a man also dressed as Sexy Trump.

White tried in vain to correct them, but the two wandered off too quickly.

“Post-apocalyptic Danny Zuko! I love it!” shouted a Sexy Oscar The Grouch.

“What? I’m not…ugh,” grunted an annoyed White.

As the night wore on, several more people mistook White’s natural look for a famous character.

“Ayyyyyyyy” said a Sexy Supreme Court Justice assuming White was dressed like The Fonz.

“Pretty weak Terminator costume, bro,” said an inebriated Sexy Bacon and Eggs.

Disgruntled, White started heading for the door when he was stopped by someone dressed as a Sexy ‘Mean’ Gene Okerlund.

“Don’t worry man, I know who you are,” said the fan.

“You do?” asked a relieved White. “Oh, man. I’m so relieved. I was beginning to worry.”

“Yeah, totally. I’m a huge wrestling fan. I knew who you were the second you got here. Sorry to bother you, but can I get an autograph?”

“Sure, thing, dude. Anything for a fan,” said White as he signed a napkin.

“Wait, who is Jay White?” asked the confused fan. “I thought you were Deuce or Domino.”

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  1. Wilson says:

    Sexy “Mean” Gene Okerlund? I think I know my costume for next year…

  2. Brad Essex says:

    Yeah jay white is generic 50s greaser guy.

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