Headlies: Elias Found Sleeping In His Pod After Elimination Chamber

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Las Vegas, NV – WWE Crew members were shocked to discover Elias, who had recently competed in the Elimination Chamber match, asleep inside one of the Chamber’s pods.

“We were just breaking down the set like we always do and one of our guys discovered Elias,” explained crew leader Bill MacIntosh. “We found him curled up in one of the pods with an old blanket on top of him. He was cuddling a teddy bear too. I felt bad that we had to wake up him.”

“Scared the heck out of me!” said the newest member of the crew Cliff Alkon. “This was almost as bad as the time I found Hornswoggle stuffed in the overhead bin of our plane on the last European tour.”

“We find all sorts of things after everyone goes home,” said crew veteran Victor Fonseca. “Cell phones, purses, suitcases. One time I even found an entire Thanksgiving dinner tucked underneath the announcer’s desk. This is the first time I’ve ever found a wrestler asleep in the ring.”

“People walk with Elias, but they don’t want to let him crash on their couch for the night,” said Elias after a long, drawn-out yawn. “Elias just beds down where he can. It just so happens that this here pod did the trick. Got some beauty rest and washed up in the men’s room sink. Now Elias is going to grab some leftover popcorn on the floor for breakfast. Then it’s time to hit the old dusty trail wherever life may lead Elias.”

Elias then picked up his guitar and bindle and made his way down the Las Vegas strip trying to hitch a ride to Monday Night Raw. He was last seen being maced by a group of women leaving Cirque du Soleil.

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