Headlies: Comet The Reindeer Films Shoot Interview For Kayfabe Commentaries

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Newark, NJ – Legendary reindeer Comet sat down this past weekend with Sean Oliver of Kayfabe Commentaries for shoot interview.

Comet did not hold back, unleashing years of pent-up frustration and anger at his former colleagues. “Santa’s Workshop would’ve closed down years ago if it wasn’t for me,” said a disgusted Comet. “It’s like those elves get dumber every year while the fat man just rakes in the dough.”

After putting everyone in the “Dick Bag” and claiming that all names given were “Hoes”, Comet went on a long rant about Rudolph.

“Look, people completely misunderstood what happened,” said Comet. “We always haze the new guys. It was done to me when I was a rookie. JBL once taped my antlers together and Scott Steiner threatened to shoot and eat me. That’s just what happens. It was my job to toughen Rudolph up. Then the dirtsheets got a hold of the story and blew everything out of proportion. The Wrestling Observer, Figure Four, PWTorch all had something to say. It’s their fault I was no longer Santa’s top babyface. They can all kiss my fuzzy butt.”

Other highlights included Comet describing Batista’s penis (“See my hoof? Yeah, it’s about a quarter of that”), a story about Blitzen’s drug use (“His nose would run whenever it would snow”) and his two-year relationship with Tammy Sytch.

The interview will be available for purchase on Christmas Day.

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