Headlies: Brock Lesnar Accidentally Goes Into Brie Mode

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London, UK – Former WWE World Champion Brock Lesnar, known for his intense shocked the live audience on Monday night by accidentally going into “Brie Mode”.

Brie Mode, while not in Webster’s dictionary, comes from WWE Diva Brie Bella’s raucous and sometimes destructive behavior while drinking and partying. During an in-ring promo with his advocate, Paul Heyman, Lesnar grabbed the microphone, saying, “London. I’m here. You’re here. Let’s…get…waaaaaaaasted!!!!”

Lesnar then tried to lead the crowd in a half-hearted “Yes!” chant before clumsily falling out of the ring and giggling to himself. The normally loud UK wrestling audience sat in stunned silence as Lesnar blew kisses to the crowd and mimicked Brie Bella’s theme music by screaming “Briiieeeee moooooooooooode wubwubwubwub!”

After Raw, Lesnar took a luxurious bubble bath and sent multiple inappropriate text messages to Daniel Bryan before hitting up several London night spots with Summer Rae, Eva Marie, and Cameron. The group partied late into the night, getting ejected from a club after Lesnar started dancing on the tables and breaking them.

Lesnar was last seen twerking against Big Ben.

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  1. John C says:

    Brock then began to compare his chest size to Paul Heyman and asked him if he cries during tv commercials that have sad music or puppies being neglected. The advocate for the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion became very uncomfortable when Brock demanded to know if he wished that he could have babies and if his MMA strike gloves made him look fat.

  2. Brian B. says:

    Best headlies ever.

  3. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:


  4. Nick Nutter says:


  5. RD Reynolds says:

    Absolute money

  6. Geoff says:

    Now I wish I hadn’t read that. Now I need to wash the image of Lesner twerking against Big Ben out of my mind. Some things are better left unread

  7. Josh says:

    This and Teddy Long breakfast are my favorite headlies ever.

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