Headlies: Artist Jill Thompson Tired Of Making ‘Cool’ Designs For Wrestlers

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Chicago, IL- Artist Jill Thompson, who has designed ring gear and attire for both WWE Superstars Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, has stated that she no longer wants to make “cool” designs for professional wrestlers,

Thompson, who is most famous for her work in the comics The Sandman, Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, and her own series Scary Godmother, has grown tired of creating designs based on wrestler’s demands. “Daniel Bryan is always ‘Hey, Jill, can you draw me some dragons for my new jacket? And don’t forget lots of flames!’ And CM Punk always wants lightning bolts and junk. Well, you know what? Maybe I don’t want to draw dragons and lightning bolts anymore. Maybe I want to just draw some cute kitties and doggies,” said an exasperated Thompson.

Recently, Thompson released a slew of new designs for both wrestlers on her website http://www.jillthompsonart.com/. “I’m much happier with my recent work,” said the artist of Mick Foley’s Halloween Hijinx. “I’ve gone back to my roots and have even taken some inspiration from Lisa Frank. I think Daniel would look great with this wonderful little puppy on the back of his ring jacket. I made sure to put in a smiling sun and rainbow combo behind it. It will brighten up the entire arena when he wears it. No more silly dragons and flaming skulls or whatever he usually wants.”

“Daniel is pretty conflicted about the change,” said Bryan’s partner Kane. “One minute he’s screaming ‘Yes!’, the next he’s screaming ‘No!’ He’s a puzzle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a beard. I think he’s just upset because Jill designed a great new mask for me. It has horsies on it and everything on it. I may be a violent, murderous pyromaniac, but I like to smile too.”

When asked about changes she would make to CM Punk’s wardrobe, Thompson said, “I hope Punk likes DayGlo unicorns!”

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    I’m surprised the headlie didn’t say Bryan was getting a teddy bear on his tights.

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