The Meme Event: WWE Smackdown 6/21/13

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28 Responses to "The Meme Event: WWE Smackdown 6/21/13"
  1. No Pants Mafia says:

    The Warrior one had me rolling.

  2. MJA says:

    The Miz one killed me..

  3. ScMcS says:

    Anything Miz related is Meme of the Night.

  4. Just Josh says:

    The Christian one was well played.

  5. Brian E says:

    Anyone who can fit an entire Warrior-inspired rant into a single image is a total badass in my book. Well done, JH.

  6. Twix says:

    I now want a storyline in which Sheamus is possessed by the spirit of the Ultimate Warrior, it can’t be any worse than his current character.

  7. Mister Forth says:

    Something tells me Warrior might get a chuckle out of that one.

  8. Luke(Not the Bushwacker) says:

    Miz and Barrett’s Monty Python reference had me laughing until one of my braces nearly popped out.

  9. Jay says:

    You get the slow clap for the Warrior one…and not the kind you need to see the Doctor for.

  10. Raven7309 says:

    3 thungs:
    1. I know who the “bald con man” is, but who’s the “bearded bigot”?
    2. As long as there’s a Hart in the WWE, Montreal 1997 will never die.
    3. “Anal loofah! = “Ewwwww!!”

  11. JG says:

    What the hell is a Garage Disposal?

    • Justin Henry says:

      a mechanism for disposing garages. A garage also sounds like ‘garbage’ when it’s 11:45 at night and your brain is shot after you wrote the Warrior meme

  12. Frozen Banana Expert says:

    Miz thing was gold but “K” on the periodic table is “Potassium”

    Flourine Uranium Carbon Potassium

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