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13 Responses to "The Meme Event: WWE Monday Night Raw 6/2/14"
  1. Josh Dionio says:

    Love the NWO and Dolphins1925 references. Good job as always.

  2. Mister Forth says:

    Love the Cena & Heyman ones.

  3. Andre R. says:

    I burst out laughing when they showed Coulter face-palming. It’s like he realized at that very moment what his life and career had come to. “I fought for my country for THIS?!” LOL!!

    And thanks for reminding everyone of the truth about CM Punk. “Took his ball and went home” MY ASS!!!!

  4. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    You had me at “punch Michael Cole in the throat”. The Bill Brasky, NWO, Edward Snoden & Dolph Ziggler (VERY valid question, BTW) ones were good, too.

  5. The Wedge says:

    Wait, you mean Superman Cena can’t defy physics?

  6. Alexandru says:

    Love the Paul Heyman (bounced check jokes never get old) and NWo reference. also the Ziggler one rang a bit too true as I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what he really is thinking

  7. CP says:

    So who would be Monty Hall in that equation?

  8. Mike M. says:

    With that wig, I thought Hornswoggle was Carlito…

  9. the14thlistener says:

    Isn’t the timing just right for Snowden to plausibly BE Dolphins1925? Or am I getting my years mixed up? The BE A STAR reference was really on.

  10. TerrierChad says:

    Peller Wheels? Bill Brasky? Those references are totally lost on me.

    • Justin Henry says:

      Peller Wheels = Power Wheels in Sheamus’ accent. Any Sheamus meme with words you don’t understand are to be read in his voice.

      Bill Brasky = the best fucking SNL sketch of all time

  11. Cristian says:

    No more meme events? 🙁

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