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11 Responses to "The Meme Event: WWE Monday Night Raw 2/17"
  1. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    Why do I have the feeling Dutch Mantell has A LOT of stories like that one?

  2. Lee W. says:

    Kane at the very least could’ve kept wearing his contact lens

  3. Brad says:

    Kane-Dawg, during a backstage interview with Renee Young:

    Kane-Dawg: Wanna touch the match? Go ahead touch it
    *Renee cautiously touches the mask*
    Kane-Dawg: Thats enooooooough!

  4. Tommy B Rude says:

    A little weak this week but laughed at the monty python reference and the yj stinger bit, but only because I was unfortunate enough to have tried one before they were all rounded up and thrown into the sun.

  5. Mr. Stanek says:

    Love the Biff Tannen reference!

  6. Eric S says:

    About 1% of the people will get the Tenerife reference. Luckily I am in that 1%. Nicely done!!

  7. Mister Forth says:

    Love the Jannetty one, Dutch telling Russo stories, & JR showing how it’s done.

  8. Arriba McIntyre says:

    Kane calls Daniel Bryan’s win over Christian a “hard fart victory” and nobody has used it yet? They’re writing it for you, guys! (https://vine.co/v/MZAWqzHIBYp for clarification)

  9. Porter "Budsgrand" Sultzbaugh says:

    Between Vince McMahon, Santino Marella, I thought the W.W.E. was the Ministry Of Silly Walks.

  10. Brian says:

    Loved the “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” reference!

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