The Meme Event: Monday Night Raw 4/29/13

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15 Responses to "The Meme Event: Monday Night Raw 4/29/13"
  1. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    The Dominos bit has already earned a spot in my votes for next week’s Power Crappings.

  2. The Outcast Legend The Wolf says:

    Man, the wrestler’s GF section one made me spit coffee on my laptop!

  3. Farflenoogen says:

    “My wife thinks I’m at bible study”


  4. Raven7309 says:

    “My Wife Thinks I’m at Bible Study”? If that’s the case, then where’s Brother Love, Reverend D-Von, and the Sinister Minister?

  5. Mark Cardoso says:

    I got out of my wife’s niece’s first communion to go to an indy show featurinmg a barb wire match between Bushwhacker Luke and The Hardcore Hick.Jeff Black. Best thing, Luke didn’t lick me either.

  6. fNick Nutter says:

    By decomposing cheerleader, do you mean Katie Vick, or Sable (ba dum bum)?

  7. ZJD says:

    Did a paplinko reference just make it’s way on here? Lol

  8. Jason says:

    You know, Sheamus attacked the guy who wasted fans time with a non wrestling segment.

    I swear sometimes Net fans logic and consitency is as bad as WWE’s

    • Walter Kovacs says:

      True. However normally during something like an arm wrestling match or other stupid segment, the heel is the one that gives up and cheats before they lose (see also: Mark Henry vs. Ryback with the weight lifting thing). So, Sheamus is basically just booked as a heel in that segment.

      That he happened to be ending a stupid segment is something that heels would get “support” for, like Fandango attacking Khali, but that’s often an ironic “we hated this segment anyway, so if you are trying to make us boo, that’s not going to work”. I highly doubt that it would work to get over someone the fans aren’t ALREADY behind. If they are already digging the guy, it’s another excuse to cheer for them. If they don’t like them, it’s another excuse to not like them (or criticize the bookers for inconsistency).

      Sheamus has been booked as an asshole for most of his ‘face’ run. Sometimes it works, and he comes across as funny, but other times it comes across as bullying. Heck, in recent weeks, we’ve had Sheamus and Orton beating up Big Show 2 on 1.

      • Maybe Not says:

        Considering the multiple backstage attacks Henry made on Sheamus for no reason, this is Sheamus getting some payback for being the victim of bullying from Henry.

  9. Fraser Buchanan says:

    The ROH one made me sad because of how likely it is to be true. Then again, I do rather enjoy Truth Martini’s antics so maybe it wouldn’t be all bad.

  10. Alan says:

    The memes with the Make A Wish kids were in horrible taste. My guess that they would be included in the “Raw Meme Event” was right on sadly. No matter how much the IWC hates John Cena, you have to admire the guy for honoring so many wishes and the kids with so little time here and making possibly one of their final wishes come true. This was a heartwarming moment, and to comment on it in any other way is totally disrespectful. Hopefully this is the last time something as wonderful as Make A Wish is spoofed in any way on this site. I’m really, really shocked RD would let something like this fly on this site. Justin, you should really feel bad for even thinking about including them. There’s plenty of other stuff to laugh at in wrestling, but those memes need to come down.

  11. RD Reynolds says:

    We have removed the images in question. It was never our intent to upset anyone. We apologize for those who were offended, and will not make similar references in the future.

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