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From the Pages Of…1994 WWF Magazine Trivia!

9 Submitted by on Sun, 14 August 2022, 09:00
WWF Magazine, March 1994 Welcome to another regular(ish) column here at WrestleCrap.com, From the Pages Of…!  In these columns your old buddy and your old pal RD Reynolds will be diving into old wrestling magazines to see what ridiculousness we can find with which to amuse ourselves.  Today’s periodical of choice is the March 1994 issue of the OFFICIAL WWF Magazine, Continue Reading...
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RD’s Mailbag – Cornette, Vince, Bastion Booger, Cheatum, and More!

2 Submitted by on Sat, 13 August 2022, 09:00
As promised, the mailbag has returned!  Feel free to submit questions rightchere and we will plow through them as we get ’em.  And if we don’t get enough, I’ll just ramble about whatever I feel like rambling about.  So yeah, that’s your warning I reckons. Without further adieu… Daniel M asks: If you had to wear one outfit out of Continue Reading...
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Someone Bought This: Hulk Hogan’s nWo Boat

1 Submitted by on Wed, 10 August 2022, 09:00
Currently up for sale is Hulk Hogan’s nWo boat – at only $99,000 it’s a bargain at half the price!  It has shots of all his fantastic films airbrushed all over it!   Buy it now (by clicking rightchere!) before Conrad does!  ...
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Squash of the Week: Goldberg vs. Reese

4 Submitted by on Wed, 10 August 2022, 09:00
WCW, 1998 If you weren’t around for the rise of Bill Goldberg back in the late 90’s, you really missed out.  Dude was a massive star and got over in the simplest manner possible – he just went in and beat the ever loving crap out of everyone in his path. Goldberg squashes were always fun, and one of his Continue Reading...
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