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SQUASH of the Week: Koko Ware vs. the Patriot

2 Submitted by on Wed, 05 October 2022, 08:00
CWA – February 1, 1986 I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking that if this guy is ever showing up in a SQUASH of the Week, it’s gonna be as the guy looking up at the lights.  And you’d usually be right. Usually.  Just not today. As you’re about to witness, on February 1, 1986, Koko was in a bad Continue Reading...
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RD’s Mailbag – Underrated Feuds, Boulders in Restaurant Windows, Cornette vs. RD, Crap that Wasn’t, And What I’ve Learned Watching Cobra Kai

1 Submitted by on Sat, 01 October 2022, 08:00
October is here!  It may not mean much to you, but for me we’re hitting the zenith of the entire calendar year: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas all in the span of the next 90 days.  All that and SURVIVOR SERIES!  Remember when that event actually meant something?  And when it took place on Thanksgiving day itself?  Folks like me that are as Continue Reading...
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INDUCTION: Firepower – Introducing the World to “Swordsman” James Hellwig!

12 Submitted by on Thu, 29 September 2022, 20:00
Movie, 1993 Who’s ready to head out with me to the local video store today? Who’s ready for a look into a dystopian future? Who’s ready for some good old fashioned… FIREPOWER? Me neither, but that’s what we’re INDUCTING today.  And hey, just in case you’re wondering why I am covering an obscure direct to strea…err…DVD…make that VHS release here Continue Reading...
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SQUASH of the Week: Bastion Booger vs. Mike Khoury

5 Submitted by on Wed, 28 September 2022, 08:00
WWF, September 19, 1993 Bastion Booger may seem an unlikely candidate for a SQUASH of the Week, but I think when we get to the end of this one, you’ll be onboard with this selection. For those who weren’t tortured in following the WWF in 1993, journeyman wrestler Mike Shaw was brought into the company to be the ugliest, most Continue Reading...
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