TRIBUTE: RIP Harry Simon

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Blade said it best on Facebook.  Obviously everyone here at is devastated at having lost another dear friend.

Very sad news to report and I’m still stunned. I just learned of the passing of one of the longtime members of the WrestleCrap family, Harry Simon. For the longtime WrestleCrap Radio listeners, Harry portrayed the role of my longtime rival on the show, the notorious bill collector, “John Thomas.” Harry’s incredible humor cannot be understated in regards to just how much he meant to our show/listeners in the early days of WCR, as well as the written material he provided for the website. I remember us chatting a while back about how much fun we had doing the old WrestleMania 2 induction, which is where this image is taken from.

Just a great, great guy and a good pal. He will be forever missed. Rest in peace, buddy..

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  1. John C says:

    Very sorry to hear about the loss of someone who brought great humor to the show. Best to everyone who were the most close to him during this time.

  2. Trevon Burtch says:

    How did he pass away?

  3. Sean O says:

    RIP Harry and also RIP Lemmy (Motorhead lead singer)

  4. Jimbolian says:

    Just a terrible day overall.

  5. UncleShangalar says:

    Damn, I was literally just reading some of his old articles from, minutes before I saw this.
    Absolutely hilarious guy who will be missed.

  6. Foreign Object says:

    Harry wrote my all time favorite induction, Art Donovan. So sorry to hear this.

  7. The Doctor of Style says:

    How sad to hear that Harry Simon died. I enjoyed his articles here, including the induction for Hogan’s movie “Secret Agent Club.”

    “…since when are adults allowed to drop by a little league game and join it in progress? What the hell is this, WrestleMania IX?”

    Given his joke about Hogan being a “Heatburglar,” and his comment about co-star Richard Moll being in “Batman: The Animated Series”, I emailed him to joke that Hogan could’ve played Mr. Freeze, for stealing wrestlers’ heat and putting careers into deep freeze. Harry replied with an amusing email, talking about his superhero interest, and the following:

    “LMAO at Hulk Freeze! I just know that Billy Kidman is still floating around somewhere in suspended animation. In all seriousness, Mick Foley would have RULED as Mr. Zsasz, but then again, a serial killer who slashes a tick-mark in himself for every victim probably wouldn’t get past standards and practices for Fox Kids/Kids WB.”

    RIP Harry, and thanks for making us laugh.

  8. Andre R. says:

    I remember reading Harry’s letters to the Apter mags back in the 90s, he must have sent dozens of them in, and a whole bunch of them got published. I even remember him writing one to the Marvel Transformers comic book from the 80s. When I found that one, I was like, man, he sure got around. When I would see that a letter to a magazine was from Harry Simon, Las Vegas, NV, I knew it would be entertaining. Sometimes he would use the name Harrison to fix things up a bit. A few years ago I wrote an e-mail to him on the old Wrestlecrap site, but he never responded. I figured he must have been busy so I was OK with it. And it is a sad thing that he is no longer wiith us. My sincere condolences to Wrestlecrap and it’s staff. I am truly sorry for your loss.

  9. Caveman says:

    Rest in Peace, Harry Simon.

  10. tom hastings says:

    Rest in Peace Harry, you are part of a special fraternity that can laugh and poke fun at the things that seem so serious otherwise. You will be missed and thank you for the laughter you gave to all of us.

  11. Austin Wright says:

    R.I.P. Harold

  12. Graham Lines says:

    Too many young people, men especially, are committing suicide. More needs to be done to tackle depression and provide support for those who feel like they’ve hit rock bottom, instead of brushing it aside as being ‘weak’ or disgustingly criticising those who kill themselves based on religious prejudices . I know it’s trendy in the media right now to pretend men don’t matter but this is a horrific and, far sadder, mostly preventable occurrence that can affect anyone of any gender or age. I’ve had friends take their own lives and it’s just horrendous, as well as other people I’ve grown to like on the internet (JewWario for example) and of course wrestlers themselves. It’s stupid that more steps aren’t being taken to stop or at least limit this.

    RIP Harry Simon, a sad loss for Wrestlecrap and its readers, from a 10+ year visitor of the site.

  13. OPC says:

    RIP Harry.

  14. Peter says:

    I am very sad to read this, I remember Harry from way back when writing letters in Pro Wrestling Illustrated, he was a frequent contributor to their fan mail. RIP Harry.

  15. MTRodaba2468 says:

    R.I.P. Harry

  16. Thun says:

    Rest in Peace, Harry.

  17. Skeletor says:

    Well. My friend and I routinely referenced “Harry Simon – Las Vegas, NV” since the dude had letters printed in everything from PWI to issues of Savage Dragon. This was the first thing that came up when we tried to track him down.

    “Well, this is thoroughly depressing.” – David St. Hubbins

  18. Roy Lucier says:

    This was absolutely horrible to hear. I’ve known Harry since 1992, through the Reader’s Page in the Observer. I made numerous trips for NWC shows in Vegas. While the stars were guys like Terry Funk, Cactus Jack, and Sabu, the focus was spending time with Harry. I cannot express how much this has hurt me. Whenever I would get ready for a Vegas trip, Harry would help my wife and I pick out a good hotel to stay at and make sure we weren’t in a bad area. I spoke to him regularly and the death of his father (a well known judge in the Vegas area, who was responsible for O.J. Simpson not getting parole a couple years ago) really affected him.

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