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Just a quick note that we’ve added a new feature to – THE GIF OF THE WEEK!  Over the past fifteen (15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) years we’ve done a zillion of these and there are a zillion times infinity more online that you may not have seen, so we’re adding that to the side bar just for laughs.

We’ve also changed the line up on the top menu to better emphasize our most popular features, notable the relaunched WrestleCrap Radio.

We’ll continue to tweak things over time (and list them in BOLD below), but wanted to give everyone a quick heads up.  Always open to suggestions, so leave them in the comments below!

EDIT: Added as “Recaps” under the WrestleCrap Radio drop down.

EDIT: Now when you click on whatever the GIF of the Week, it takes you to a not so secret page where all the old ones preside.

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35 Responses to "Your Suggestions Wanted! New Feature, A Few Changes at"
  1. 80's Guy says:

    I still miss the Meme Event. Sigh.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      Me too! Justin, come back!

      • RD Reynolds says:

        I think Justin is overloaded these days with football writing gigs. That said, if he is unavailable, I am open to other folks taking the ball with this and running with it perhaps…

  2. John Q Occupier says:

    Will these GIFs get their own section eventually?

  3. NightmareNear says:

    Favorite was always the Booker T and Holy Wrestler Grail.

  4. The Doctor of Style says:

    Might Troy Lowe be returning to the Pro Wrestling Desecrated series?

  5. Honky Kong says:

    I’ll do the Meme Event. For the sake of all things holy don’t let me do the Meme Event.

  6. Thomas Moffatt says:

    Stone Cold perving over Paige’s jugs was entertaining…

    Perhaps the moment when Booker T realises he’s going to be taking on RIkishi…

    Mr McMahon thinking he’s going to kiss Trish’s rear…

    No, an absolute MUST is JR kicking Michael Cole in the bollocks.

  7. Premier Blah says:

    A link on the podcast page to for those who may not know about it till now. Just at the top of the page will do.

  8. Justin says:

    Fix the Gooker voting so those who take wrestling way too seriously don’t turn this site into their personal soap box and hijack the site.

    But that sorta turns this into my personal soap box, so more Man Mountain Rock, Man Mountain Ross, and AJ Mountain GIF!

  9. Sean O says:

    If it’s not too much trouble, a archived listing of past inductions would be nice; I know we can just look at the inductions sidebar or whatnot but a listing akin to the old wrestlecrap archives to look back at inductions on here would be nice.

  10. The Dread Baron says:

    What about Parts Unknown Yearbook updates

  11. "Psycho" Dave says:

    Jobber of the Week has been very dry. Where’s Dusty Wolfe and Iron Mike Sharpe?

  12. Aliza says:

    id love to see more rewriting the book…

  13. Thomas Moffatt says:

    I’d like to see Fantasy Wrestlecrap where two similar crap gimmicks clash…

  14. Thomas Moffatt says:

    Oh. And more Michael Cole being kicked in the bollocks.

  15. Ingobert says:

    I agree with Sean O. That’s what I suggested a long time ago in an e-mail to you when the new WrestleCrap launched: An archived listing of past inductions would really be great. I’d even take it in the form of the WC of old with Thumbnails and a nice punchline. That would be great.

    Also, I miss Justin’s stories like “Vince holds the Wrestlemania production meeting”. Those were hilarious, I always cracked up laughing. They get even better over time.

    And please tell Art to continue “How much does this guy weigh” on his blog. It’s so awesome.

  16. Ingobert says:

    Big Cheese, I do have access to the archive. 😉 But that doesn’t solve the problem with the inductions on the new WrestleCrap. It’s simply confusing. I’m suggesting adding an overview page similar to the one of the old WC and the archives.

  17. TheGreat31 says:

    I swear if you inserted the Gif of the Week with Bryan’s eyes into the music video for Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel, it would fit in seamlessly

  18. Thomas Moffatt says:

    More Michael Cole being kicked in the bollocks.

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