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Please note – as of this time, WrestleCrap DVDs are NOT available. We’re working on something new on the horizon…stay tuned.


FREE WrestleCrap Archives in Six-Pack of Discs!

Your absolute best (Real) deal! Six big discs of Crappy goodness: the WrestleCrap Radio Roast Shoot Interview, 2 FREE Archive Discs, the WrestleCrap Radio Shoot Interview, and Worst of RD Double DVD Set!

Free shipping is included on this, so buy ’em and support WrestleCrap!

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FREE WrestleCrap Archives in 3-Pack of Discs – VD Sale!

Just looking for the absolute cheapest way to pick up the WrestleCrap.com archives? Then get this DVD three-pack. Buy the WrestleCrap Radio Roast DVD with FREE WrestleCrap.com Archive and FREE WrestleCrap Radio Archive!

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A Decade Down the Drain: 10 Years of WrestleCrap.com Archive Disc!

You’ve asked for it for years…now completely UPDATED! The first 10 Years of WrestleCrap.com on a two disc set! The complete WrestleCrap archive from 2000-2010 is opened on your computer thanks to this new DVD-ROM (DVD-R). Just pop these discs into your computer, and you are a single click away from all the insanity we’ve posted over the past TEN YEARS!

Every bit of Crap from the past TEN YEARS!

Over 450 Inductions!
Over 220 Someone Bought This!
Over 220 It Came From YouTubes!
Nearly 50 Weird World of Wrestlings!
Over 85 Jobbers of the Week!
Nearly 60 Rewriting the Books!
More than 20 Gimmick Tables!
100+ Ramblings!
50+ Mailbags!
All 23 Merle Vincent Menacing Thoughts!
Nearly 200 Hours of WrestleCrap Radio and assorted interviews on other radio progrems – so much that we had to add a second disc to the set!

Plus These Never Before Seen Features!

RD Reynolds Fighting Spirit Archive: In addition to writing inductions, reviews, and hosting WrestleCrap Radio, RD also pens a monthly column for Fighting Spirit Magazine in the UK, dubbed The Crap Shoot. For the first time ever, over 50 articles are culled together for your reading enjoyment! Neary 40,000 words, or half the size of the first WrestleCrap book!

Sean Carless’ Breaking Newz~! Archive: One of the geniuses behind the Gimmick Table gives us the lowdown as to what’s REALLY happening in wrestling with his Breaking Newz~! If you love the Gimmick Table (and who doesn’t?), you are really going to enjoy this one!


RD’s Junk Drawer: Magazine articles, unfinished inductions, WrestleCrap Radio outtakes, various non-WrestleCrap Radio shows featuring the boys, and more!

Madison Carter’s Junk Drawer: All the Weird World of Wrestling Stuff That Never Made it To the Site!

Boob Grabs, Booze, and Black Magic: The Making of Revenge of the Scorpion: Blade Braxton takes you behind the scenes of the night when he and all his friends got totally sloshed and recorded their epic!

Unreleased Gimmick Table, Plus the Best of Burgan Cheap Pops!

Plus tons more crap that we will try to fill the disc with!

Trust me, it will take forever to get through all this stuff – and it took us TEN YEARS to write it al!!


Note: This is a DVD-ROM in DVD-R format that is readable on most newer computers. It is not a video DVD for play in a DVD player! If you have questions about this, please email us rightchere!

The WrestleCrap Radio Celebrity Roast!

What is the reward for RD Reynolds and Blade Braxton working tirelessly for the past decade at WrestleCrap.com? If you guessed a CELEBRITY ROAST, you are correct, sir! Join RD and Blade as they get lambasted by all their co-horts on WrestleCrap Radio! Angry Jim, Gay Popeye, Dixie, Mike Check, Stubby, and countless others show up to pay homage to our hosts on this exclusive DVD. If you thought WrestleCrap Radio was hilarious, well, you’re an idiot in for a real treat!


The WrestleCrap Radio Shoot Interview!

Join RD and Blade as they pull back the curtain of the stupidest wrestling podcast to ever pollute iPods the world over! Find out the truth about Don (Don Mason), Peter Gazer, Nathaniel, Johnny Six, John Thomas, the Crappies(!!), Blade’s super big secret announcement, that ratings creep, Nicole Bass, the origin of the Haiku, the Trolla Corporation, plus…a live appearance by STUBBY! All that and much, MUCH more.

Blade Braxton Independent Film Retrospective: You know all those stories Blade tells onWCR about stupid movies he would film? They’re true! And here’s the proof, with several clips, recaps, and breakdowns of his celluloid catastrophes!

WrestleCrap Personified: The Worst of RD Reynolds!

They say those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. But that’s never
stopped RD Reynolds, the curator of WrestleCrap.com, the site that pokes fun at all the worst in wrestling.

You see, RD once worked on the independent wrestling scene himself, booking and participating in angles every bit as bad as those he ridicules on his site. And now, because his fellow crappers have asked for it, those events are now available in a double DVD-R set. Here’s a quick sneak peak!

Disc 1:

Babyface RD in Championship Wrestling of America

– RD Shills Pizza
– RD Does Terrible Babyface Commentary
– RD Sings Happy Birthday to some dork
– CWA Champ Mike Samples wrestles the world’s longest match (well, it felt that way), then proceeds to get run over by a car going 10 MPH, all with Good Guy RD calling the action

Heel RD in Pro Wrestling International:

– PWI Intro Featuring RD DANCING
– RD’s Heel Debut: the Uncle Burt Speech
– Trash Losagain Debut, in Which He Appears to have a GIANT DONG and looks to have pooped his pants
– RD: Heel Commentator Montage in which I talk about how much I hate the fans and tell really, REALLY bad jokes
– RD and Trash Get Biggum (translated: ZERO) heat by stealing a guy’s hat
– RD Heel Refs a Match in GIANT CLOWN SHOES (with commentary by RD, and his friends Casey (Trash Losagain) and Dan Garza (Diamond Dan)
– RD Promo in Hope, Indiana, in which I promise to kiss the foot of everyone in the building if I lose my match
– RD in a Blindfold Kiss My Foot Match (with commentary)
– Bonus: Radio Promo in Which I Pretend to be a Hillbilly Who “Milks Pigs and Shears Cattle”

Heel RD Works Indy Shows:

– NWA Indianapolis snippet featuring me managing Mad Man Pondo versus New Jack (with commentary)
– RD and Trash vs. Diamond Dan on a LUCHA SHOW (with commentary)
– Elementary School Show Snippet featuring a guy who is now a HYOOOGE star in TNA (with commentary)
– Promo for Merle Vincent’s TV Show

Disc 2:

RD in CWA: Special Commentary with CWA Promoter Jeff Cohen, who teaches me the fine art of SHILLING!

RD Books PWI Into the Ground (All with commentary with me and Casey):
– PWI Roll Call: A Look at the Poor Guys We Booked Into Oblivion
– We make fun of RD & Trash’s debut match
– Dissection of the Hat Stealing Angle
– RD on RD: RD Takes a Look at His Wrestling “Career”
– Special Bonus Match: Otto Bauhn (geddit? Like AUTOBAHN!) vs. Johnny Walker, Whom I Dubbed THE HUMAN CHIA PET

Special Feature: Blade Braxton’s Revenge of the Scorpion in Its ENTIRETY (both with and without commentary by the JOTW head honcho himself)

Believe me, this stuff SUCKS – you’ve been warned!

Note: DVD-Rs are playable in MOST newer DVD players, as well as DVD-ROM drives on computers. Also note that this is in NTSC format. I cannot guarantee compatibility. If you have any questions regarding that, please contact me here.

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