The Death of WCW: 10th Anniversary Edition is available for pre-order NOW!

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The Death Of WCW 10th Anniversary Edition cover

The Death of WCW: 10th Anniversary Edition by WrestleCrap co-founder R.D Reynolds and Figure Four Online’s Bryan Alvarez is now available for pre-order on (or pre-order the hardcover version here)

The book has been completely revised and expanded with pages and pages of all new information and insight about the demise of World Championship Wrestling. If you liked the first edition of the book, you’ll love the new 10th Anniversary Edition!

It will come out later this year but you can pre-order your paperback copy today (or the hardcover version here) sit back on your lazy behind, and wait for the all new revised and expanded edition to hit your doorstep in October!

With Amazon’s Pre-Order Price Guarantee, the current price of the book is “locked in” so even if the price of the book goes up between now and October, you’ll still only pay today’s price for the book!

Plus, if you pre-order the book through the links on this page (or here for the hardcover version) you also help support WrestleCrap and keep the Crap a-comin’ your way.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to ordering, Crappers (hardcover) and prepare to re-live all the insanity and nonsense that was WCW’s final years!

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22 Responses to "The Death of WCW: 10th Anniversary Edition is available for pre-order NOW!"
  1. tango says:

    Will a kindle version be available?

  2. Thun says:

    Do they ship it to Brazil? That would be a way cool gift for my birthday.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      Check here

      If Amazon does not, I am sure there are other online retailers who will or it will be available in your local bookstore.

  3. Jay "The Brain" Mann says:

    Pre-ordered my copy! Now I just need to get the Book of Lists and I’ll have every WrestleCrap book released.

  4. simongr81 says:

    Just ordered mine!

  5. Art0Donnell says:

    I read the original twice: once reading a few chapters at a time at a Barnes and Noble, and another time checking it out from an actual library.

    I guess I have to buy it now.

  6. MWeyer says:

    Am curious if you correct a lot in it. I remember the original version, you had reported stuff that was accepted as “fact” in 2004 like how Bischoff was running the AWA and came up with Team Challenge Series and such, just am looking forward to a much more detailed look at things.

  7. Charles Belles says:

    I preorder it already, does that mean that Mr. Reynolds will sign it for me? Either way, I loved the first one, I have all of the wrestlecrap books, and I cannot wait to see this one.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      Since you ordered it thru Amazon it will arrive to you unsigned, but I’m sure R.D will be offering signed copies here on the site after the book is published in October, or he’ll be glad to sign your copy if you see him in person.

      • John C says:

        But only if you give him the secret phrase which is…Honky Tonk Mailman delivers in rain & sleet but not in the cold. Then you must take 3 steps backwards and RD will lay the signed book at your feet as you bow to him and leave silently.

  8. Charles Belles says:

    I got if off of amazon because that is what the link is on this page, also it helps the site out, and I can put it with the rest of my wrestlecrap books and my wrestlecrap archive and all over wrestlecrap dvd collection.

  9. Rocko says:

    I hope they fix why WCW died. It was not cause of Kellner. WCW was long dead by the time he put them out of their misery. WCW was losing millions which means it failed as a business. Its audience got cut in half in an extremely short amount of time.

  10. RD Reynolds says:

    Kellner was a cause. Russo was a cause. Bischoff was a cause. There were a million others that were a cause as well.

    Kellner just yanked the life support on it.

    We got into a bit more detail in the book on the various folks involved with its demise. To say one person killed it is inaccurate. This was a team effort.

    • Rocko says:

      Oh. I misunderstood as I thought you guys solely blamed Kellner for WCW’s death.

      • Deathedge says:

        I actually originally thought that to if it helps; Rereading it, I get why I got that impression, but I see what they meant better now: Kellner WAS the official cause of death in a way, but WCW was a slowly dying animal, taking bullet wound after bullet wound. Kellner was simply the final bullet.

        By the way, finally preordered and am going for the one day shipping to boot. I’m sure it will be worth it…

    • CF says:

      To quote _BASEketball_: “It took everyone working together to lose this one.” :)

  11. Graves says:

    Color me VERY excited for this release. I’ve read the original, no joke, something like 11 different times. I am absolutely fascinated by the way WCW went from basically being able to print their own greenbacks one year to bleeding money at such an astonishing pace the next year. So much talent, so many resources, and so-so-so-so-so-so many egos.

  12. mfm420 says:

    as of today, amazon is now offering prime members a $1 book or kindle credit if you take slower shipping with your order. so not only can you help the site by clicking and buying via their amazon links, but do enough orders, you can get enough credit to get the book for free :) (credit is valid through end of the year, so you don’t have to redeem it at the moment)

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