Someone Bought This: Jake “The Snake” Roberts warns against doing drugs

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Jake Roberts Anti Drug PSA ad

This is an anti-drug Public Service Announcement ad featuring Jake “The Snake” Roberts that ran in WWF Magazine in the early 90’s.

Oh, the sweet, delicious irony…

I know the ad is from before Jake started having his drug and alcohol issues but the mere fact that it exists reminds me of a bit from Denis Leary’s* stand-up routine from his “No Cure For Cancer” special/album. Paraphrasing:

Keith Richards is now doing anti-drug PSAs. Keith Richards! He’s telling us not to do drugs. We can’t do any drugs, Keith because you’ve already freaking done them all!

*Which probably means it originated with a Bill Hicks routine in some form or another…

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2 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Jake “The Snake” Roberts warns against doing drugs"
  1. Rose Harmon says:

    “When you’re dead, we’ll have to snort your ashes!”

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