Someone Bought This Classic: Dave Batista Cereal

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Batista Cereals Com Chocolate!

Mark Cardoso writes: “From Azores, Portugal comes the WWE Batista Flakes. A cereal some unknown that Big Dave himself chuckled at it when I brought it to him to be autographed.”

RD: “Dave may be laughing, but as for myself, I am somewhat scarred, perhaps irreparably and for life. After all, is it just me, or on the box is Dave standing naked in front of that bowl of cereal?”

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3 Responses to "Someone Bought This Classic: Dave Batista Cereal"
  1. Bone White says:

    I thought they were fig leaves too!

  2. Ben says:

    Not only is he standing naked behind the bowl of cereal, a white substance being shot into that bowl completes the picture…

  3. John Womble says:

    ………it goes perfectly with your naked Dave Batista wrapping paper!

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