Someone Bought This: 10 WCW Figures You Never Knew Existed

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WCW The Shockmaster figure

Bryan over at the WCW Worldwide blog has an article up about 10 WCW Figures You Never Knew Existed that’ s really cool!

What were they thinking?!

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11 Responses to "Someone Bought This: 10 WCW Figures You Never Knew Existed"
  1. John C says:

    I have The Shockmaster & Hollywood Blonds but I sure wish I had the Muta one. How about a Vince vs Buffer doll off?

    • Rich P says:

      A Vince vs Buffer doll off? Complete with ‘What A Maneuver!’ action and pullstring “1..2..3 he got him! No!” voice!

      • Cenamark says:

        The Micheal Buffer doll does talk. You just pull the string, it says, “Are you ready tooooo RUUUUUMBLE!”, and then you have to pay it $100,000.

  2. cenamark says:

    I don’t get how they let so many action figures look so terrible. That Rey Rey one looks like Liza Minnelli.

  3. MWEyer says:

    Best line: “ZERO points of articulation, making him as stiff as the real El Gigante was in the ring!”

  4. CBCB says:

    I’m sure copyright issues are why the Shockmaster doesn’t have his Stormtrooper helmet, but did their replacement really have to look like a mutated Hershey Kiss?

  5. DH says:

    I wish they had made a lot more figures of my favorite wrestler, The Shockmaster. I liked Shockmaster because when some bad guy would mouth off, ‘Shocky’ wouldn’t take it. He’d just look the jerk in the eyes, then kick his stinkin’ teeth in.
    I know some people, like Jesse Ventura, laughed at my main man when he debuted in WCW, just cuz he accidentally tripped over something and his helmet came off. I thought that was rude. Like Jesse’s never fallen down! In my opinion it made ‘Shocky’ immediately lovable in an underdog kind of way. But when I finally saw him in action, in an awesome Wargames match, he proved he was NO underdog! He won the match for his team by making his opponent submit to a bearhug! Now THATS power!
    In conclusion, I’d like to say, SALUT, Shockmaster! He fell straight into my heart.

  6. Jason says:

    that way they shaped that mask Shockmaster is holding it kind of looks like a beer stein

  7. Matt Soileau says:

    I do kind of remember the Mongo one in the 4 pack.

    And the Buffer Black Ranger/Wolverine joke was awesome.

  8. TRO says:

    Link isn’t there anymore 🙁

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