Someone Bought This: Razor Ramon foam razor (this is so very wrong…)

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Razor Ramon Foam Razor

This Razor Ramon foam razor was produced in the mid-90′s and meant to be waved around at WWF live events like the classic “We’re #1!” Foam Finger. Seems harmless enough, right?

Well, let me explain the problem with that- and it’s a really big one

In 1992 Scott Hall debuted for the WWF as “Razor Ramon”; a character who was strongly implied (though never explicitly stated) to be a wealthy Cuban imigrant drug dealer living in Miami, Florida.

In other words, he was a complete ripoff of Tony Montana from Scarface.

He was shown in pre-debut vignettes driving the finest cars, and eating at the best restaurants Miami had to offer while wearing expensive gold chains and fine clothes.

He had a gold razor that he carried around his neck on a gold chain- hence his character name of “Razor Ramon”.

Razors are often used in the cutting and distribution of a certain illegal drug which can bring in big money.

Can you think of any other reason why he’d have a razor around his neck and be called “Razor Ramon”? I don’t think it was because the guy just appreciated a quality shave in the morning.

How else would he (a poor, Cuban immigrant with no skills) have gotten the money to eat at such nice places and drive those fancy cars if not through something illicit like drug dealing?

Remember, this was the early-to-mid-90′s when the WWF was still very much a “safe” product aimed primarily at children, and certainly not at adults. This was long before the edgy “Attitude Era”.

Anyway, after Razor turned face a few years after his debut (and really; what better role model could there be for impressionable young children than a drug dealer?) the WWF produced this foam razor novelty toy for kids to buy at WWF live events which was a representation of a drug dealer’s cutting tool. A razor was also part of Razor’s official logo used on t-shirts and other merchandise.

So; what we wound up with were a bunch of 10 year olds waving around a big foam representation of drug paraphernalia!

Am I the only one who seems something really inappropriate about that? Do you think many parents of kids in the audiences picked up on the association between the character, the razor symbol, and drug dealing? I kind of doubt it.

Or maybe they just didn’t care?

Either way, I really can’t believe that someone bought this!

The image used above is courtesy of’s Foam Finger section (check out all the fantastic images of classic WWF/WCW Foam Fingers there along with lots of other cool classic wrestling merchandise!).

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16 Responses to "Someone Bought This: Razor Ramon foam razor (this is so very wrong…)"
  1. Joe T says:

    I can believe it, the things the WWE did and will do for a buck will never cease to amaze…I wouldn’t have been surprised if they had made foam hands with the middle finger sticking up for the kids to wear during the attitude era.

  2. John says:

    And as a bonus you get a phony $100 bill you can roll up and pretend to snort our other fine product…ICO-PRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bobbotello the 5th Ninja says:

    Hey later on everyone wore shirts that said “Suck it” even kids younger than me at the time. We all knew what that was about and nobody cared about that either. Things in wrestling become popular and are made into foam or written on shirts and sometimes we forget that whole filthy undertone meaning and we just don’t give a rats ass. I was in middle school at time of the DX craze and everyone was cross chopping teachers,principals, librarians. No one cared about how absoulutley ignorant it was to do that. We were wrestling fans in the Attitude Era that were young, dumb and ugly and we loved it.

  4. Rose Harmon says:

    I followed the RadWrestling link, and immediately, it looked like 1997 threw up all over my computer. That site needs some updating!

  5. James S says:

    I remember when I was a kid, and I wanted an Al Snow “Head” t-shirt. I remember my mom flat out refused to let me get it. I didnt understand why at the time, mostly because she wouldn’t tell me the reason why I couldnt have it, but at the age of 24, it all makes sense why I wasn’t allowed to have it back than.

  6. Frozen Banana Expert says:

    Honestly, I highly doubt anyone made the connection, kind of like Waylon Mercy (who’s gimmick portrayed the stalker-rapist from Cape Fear).

    Vince has never been to quick on the uptake in terms of film or pop culture references, so to assume he could make the connection between razors and drug paraphernalia is such a massive stretch that I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt in this instance.

  7. hobu0 says:

    How about the shirt that said “Va-Chyna Envy”?

    Or the Val Venis shirt with the letters of his name spelled out by what appeared to be a thick, white liquid? Fricken sick!

  8. Art0Donnell says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever thought about Razor’s name.

  9. Mr. Glen says:

    Your answer why they did it: Vince is perennially 20 years behind the times. He probably thought that Razor carried that blade around to shave with!

    • TMS says:

      I’d be surprised if Vince even heard of Scarface at the time they came up with Razor Ramon.

      • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

        I believe Scott himself came up with the idea and presented it to Vince… but yeah, I doubt Vince has ever seen the movie.

    • nickca says:

      Vince may have never seen Scarface, but you seriously think he wouldn’t know that a razor is used to cut cocaine? Vince McMahon, who was a very rich young man in the 1980s and surrounded by known cocaine users? I’d be shocked if he never took a toot with the Hulkster now and then.

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