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When he’s not busy with his life’s mission of burning bridges, Troy Lowe finds time to create belt designs for Universal Championship Belts, which you can check out "here"!!!
13 Responses to "Pro Wrestling Desecrated: Issue 13!"
  1. Brian J says:

    OMG, best cover yet

  2. Joe T says:

    Hey Wrestling II was cool back in my day, even though I never understood how his Kneelift was such a devastating finisher. Best use of a Bozo the Clown picture ever. This was a good one, these covers are a great addition to the site.

  3. hulk6785 says:

    Thank you for that image. Now, I have to scrub my brain so that it won’t appear in my nightmares.

  4. Raven7309 says:

    :O :O :O

  5. Sean Bateman says:

    This is worst than the mythical Braxton-Vick Sex tape

  6. Greg says:

    Jeeze, almost as bad as the Fabulous One’s Man Napkin and that damn picture of mostly naked Michael Hayes.

  7. kmtown says:

    I didn’t know the Apter mags featured men’s Apartment House Wrestling…

  8. BaltoJim says:

    As miserable of a bastard as Ole Anderson was, I’d say he still wasn’t as miserable as Zbyszko looks as he’s getting “stretched out” there…

  9. CDM says:

    Can’t sleep, clown crotch will eat me… can’t sleep, clown crotch will eat me…

  10. Bad-People says:

    Kayfabe was SO important to Mr. Wrestling II he once wrestled with a broken back after a plane crash just to prove he wasn’t on the same flight as Ric Flair. (He was).

  11. Sean Bateman says:

    This is money

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