Rewriting the Book: What If…Hulk Hogan Never Left the AWA? (Part IV) Corrected Version

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December 1987


Of the 5 major promotions that stood tall and profitable a few short years ago, 3 are gone; though 1 of those 3 has managed to stay alive by traveling from the US to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Japan…wherever there’s a (small) paying crowd. This organization is not only a throwback to the days when pro wrestling drifted like a carnival, but also a reflection of the only way left to do business since the War started.

Hundreds of wrestlers are out of work and left staring out over the horizon, wading through the doomed visions of their greedy bosses and left standing on the broken bones of their brethren. Contracts were created & voided in a matter of days, sometimes hours. Promises were broken as often as the dawn arose. Dreams were scattered across states like tiny branches after a huge storm moved through the area. And it was a storm.

But it wasn’t the type you’re prepared for.

You’ve got a gallon of water, a flashlight & some blankets in your trunk in case you’re caught in an emergency situation. You’d have needed the filtered water from the mighty Mississipp’, floodlights from the Cotton Bowl and ten layers of blubber-lined, Eskimo underwear to last the night.

You own a generator, grow your own crops and have a pantry full of canned vegetables. But what you needed was a nuclear power plant, all the corn in Iowa and Pablo Escobar’s Swiss Bank Accounts to last just one season.

And this war, this storm, this plague, isn’t over.

If you lived…congratulations, you’re part of the company I mentioned above that’s touring Dubai in a fleet of broken-down soccer mom vans, setting up your ring in a tent so that right after the World’s Strongest Man attempts to rip the mustache off the World’s Hairiest Woman, Koko B. Ware can pin Ronny Garvin for your promotion’s Championship Belt; a strap that your boss has taken a lien against to cover this week’s payroll. 

Your adversaries (in case you’re wondering) are the ones who not only survived but are flourishing. While your promotion’s wrestlers ride donkeys, elephants or camels (depending on where your tent is this week) to the next gig, what used to be your competition is relaxing in limousines. While you’re sleeping 12 men to-a-van, they’ve rented out an entire floor at The Ritz. They’re flying to their next show in a private jet; you’ve got a fly in your Always-Save Powdered Soup.

There were a hundred signs toward this stop in hell, but they were (mostly) ignored.

And now – with most of your company’s talent having been raided & its reputation & line of credit held together by threads of its glorious past – both of the remaining promotions have come to rub salt in the wound.

Wait, let me re-phrase. After slicing your stomach open and watching your guts spill onto the floor, they paid to have them shoved back in. And since you’ve had a few months to recover, they’ve come back to rip open the wound by the stitches and piss in it.

Later, you’re scheduled for a colonoscopy that you only wish had something to do with Jim Ross, so you’d have some form of credibility by association.

That’s how deep the wounds run for everyone involved. That’s the kind of vengeance everyone is seeking for even the smallest, perceived slight. On the bad side, the contempt is (seemingly) the only thing left.

And on top of the 3-square, balanced turd-sandwiches you eat every day since this all started, you need to get ready to open up (at both ends) just a little bit more because one of the two victorious promotions is running a show in your backyard tomorrow night.

And the week after that?

The 2nd promotion is doing the same thing.

3 years ago, those shows would have been about you.

But now?

Rubbing shit in your weathered wound is just a bonus. They’re both running shows there because they can & because what used to be your old stomping ground is now one of the few, undecided hotspots of action. Your “house” is like a political party and election time is just around the corner.

Scheduled Matches for Tomorrow Night:

Dark Match: Brian Pillman VS Bad News Allen

Jimmy Snuka VS The Junkyard Dog

Tag-Team Champions The British Bulldogs VS The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper VS Lex Luger

The Fabulous Freebirds VS The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff

Nikita Koloff VS King Kong Bundy

Randy & Lanny Savage VS Kerry & Kevin Von Erich

Intercontinental Champion Greg “The Hammer” Valentine VS Tito Santana

Tiger Mask II VS The Great Muta

Heavyweight Champion Sting VS Terry Funk w/Manager Harley Race (and Special Referee Ric Flair)

PLUS, Andre the Giant in a 10-Man Battle Royal (other participants: “Iron” Mike Sharpe, Steve Lombardi, Barry Horowitz, Barry O, Boris Zhukov, Jim Powers, One Man Gang, Paul Roma, “Playboy” Buddy Rose).

The following Saturday Night (at this same venue) will see the following incredible grapplers, among others – from the 2nd thriving promotion – get down to business in the squared circle:

Dark Match: Greg Gagne VS Owen Hart

The Road Warriors VS Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard

Wahoo McDaniel VS Dick Murdoch

The US Express VS Tag-Team Champions The Midnight Express

Ted Dibiase VS Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Big John Studd & Kamala VS The Steiner Brothers

Sid Vicious VS Hillbilly Jim

Television Champion Ricky Steamboat VS Jerry Lawler

The Midnight Rockers VS The Hart Foundation

Heavyweight Champion Dusty Rhodes VS Bruiser Brody (with Special Referee Hulk Hogan)

Great cards, eh? There’s even a few more matches not mentioned. But why so great?

Reason #1: It’s The Garden, baby. MSG.

Reason #2: Professional Wrestling is truly closing in on a zenith of mythical proportions. Closed-Circuit and PPV’s are bringing in millions of dollars to the remaining companies. Gates are averaging in the high-tens, sometimes-hundreds of thousands of dollars. Viewership on USA, ESPN and TBS is through the roof. Merchandising sales are bringing in untold riches as men who were previously rock stars in only their hometowns now grace the cover of muscle, wrestling and sport magazines worldwide.

Reason #3: Things are about to get a whole lot bigger because both of these shows will be televised and seen around the nation. AND (much) more importantly: both nights are build-ups to 2 of the most historical nights in the history of professional wrestling.

Show 1 (partially) decides who’s going to be in the ring at the Greensboro Coliseum in North Carolina on Feb. 6th, 1988 (and will set up some new feuds).  

Show 2 will offer matches (and several surprises) that determine many of the contenders for a March 26th, 1988 event at The Superdome in New Orleans, LA.

The 1st Night’s Show featuring Heavyweight Champion Sting is brought to you by the NWA-WCCW.

The following week, featuring Dusty Rhodes & Bruiser Brody?

Courtesy of the AWA.


Next Week: The Results of Both Cards & what that leads to, as well as the start of how we got from Vince meeting with Hogan & Flair to discuss his expansion plans in the previous review to where we are Now and why some stories are not always told in a linear fashion.

For my impatient readers (some of whom have already emailed me): Remember, this is a long story. All will be revealed…in time. Relax; enjoy:)






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26 Responses to "Rewriting the Book: What If…Hulk Hogan Never Left the AWA? (Part IV) Corrected Version"
  1. Joey says:

    I may have mentioned this in the rough version, but I am still in shock that the NWA and WCCW joined forces to practically and temporally raid talent from all over the world. How on Earth did the Von Erichs avoid their infamous downfall? How can you get the Savages, Terry Funk, Ric Flair and friends, the Von Erichs, Tiger Mask and Muta all on the same card? How the heck did the NWA turn a second-rate promotion from Texas into one of the two wrestling superpowers in the Saturday Night Wars? (If I am reading this right.) I did NOT expect the apocalyptic future for the WWF to be shown like this. Shane, my mind is blown.

    • Zeedeevel says:

      WCCW may seem second rate by today’s standards, but it had a lot of great talent and put on some great cards. I am actually excited to see where this is going.

  2. Shane aka RamboHomerMcFly says:

    I appreciate the comments, guys. The story is very long the way I have it structured right now and I think that even things that seem shocking will make sense in the context in which I present them.
    There will be many twists & turns. And as you’ll see as the stories unfold, massive changes can affect any promotion in just a few month’s time. The sheer volume of variables is why I did this story and I think everyone will be satisfied when it’s finished.
    And if the stories seem a little short, I apologize; there’s so much to cover that I have to pick & choose for each entry to properly tell the stories. The whats, wheres, whys and hows will all be answered in a satisfactorily manner and a (hopefully) interesting and engaging storyline. And who said the Von Erichs avoid their downfalls? 😉
    The guessing and the enjoyment is what I hope keeps people coming back each week. I assure you that I enjoy writing this and for as extreme as some things might appear at times, they are all part of the bigger storyline.

  3. simongr81 says:

    Very enjoyable, though at current glance a “wee” bit of a stretch. BUT, like you said, let’s see how it unfolds.

  4. drunkenmaster says:

    Great stuff! I can’t wait for the next chapter. Keep ’em coming!

  5. ZachZZ says:

    Ah, I see this is going to be another “Vicariously kill the WWE” fic.

    • Shane aka RamboHomerMcFly says:

      no, it’s not.

      • Zach says:

        This chapter just went into VERY specific detail about how the WWF will fall and Vince will be miserable and penniless while other promotions that he tried to purchase become billion-dollar industry leaders. And before that, Vince has been portrayed like a fucking Bond villain. This is TOTALLY a “let’s shit on Vince and the WWE” story.

  6. Unknown says:

    Have you read any columns by Michael Weyer? Look up Shining a Spotlight Michael Weyer on Yahoo! and read his columns. He has a lot of background info about the AWA, WCCW, et. al., Shane.

    Good start so far.

  7. Garrett Garlits says:

    Any chance we’ll get the next part soon? It’s three days late! At lesst tell us what’s going on, if you’re able to.

  8. Shane aka RamboHomerMcFly says:

    all apologies. my fiancee’s 92 year old grandmother died last Friday; I usually work on these on the weekend.
    Longer-than-usual entries coming this Monday and every Monday after, for quite a while:)

  9. Garrett Garlits says:

    If it’s npt one thing, it’s another! My condolences, Shane.

  10. Dirk says:

    LOL….guess not.

    If someone else died, you might want to consider leaving the country entirely.

  11. Garrett Garlits says:

    What’s the excuse this time, Shane? In case you couldn’t tell, you’re losing your credibility with me. Either give us something or bow out so Jed can get a new writer in here. Corcumstances are circumstances, but committed writers work through them and produce as they’re expected to.. You’ve had eight weeks, and you’ve barely written one decent chapter, the one with Hogan and Vince. The rest has either been teasers or overwritten gobbledygook like this. One missed chapter is one thing, but four going on five? That’s just lack of commitment on your part, even taking your problems into account. Maybe if the chapters you’d given us (except for the one I mentioned earlier) were more than two or three useless paragraphs, I wouldn’t be coming down on you so hard, but such isn’t the case.

    It’s time to step up or get out.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      You know, if you don’t want to read what he writes you don’t have to… Nobody’s forcing you to.

  12. Garrett Garlits says:

    That’s just it, Paul: I wish there was something to read in the first place! Look, I feel for the guy, but this is getting ridiculous. It’s ninot even so much about the missed weeks, it’s about what he gives us when he posts. I challenge you to figure out just who the hell he’s supposed to be taliking about in this chapter. I think it’s supposed to be Vince, but who knows for sure? Does Shane even know? I tend to doubt it. I’m sorry, but I’m not one of these “shut up and be grateful for anything the author cares to post” types when it comes to stuff like this. Give me something worth my time; give me a reason to keep coming back. Right now, whatever the reason is, he’s not doing it.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      I’m sorry you’re not satisfied with the site. I will issue you a refund covering what you paid to view the site immediately. 🙂

      Seriously, all of us here work really hard on the site but we’re also all busy with other things going on in our lives (work, family, leisure time, etc). If our best isn’t good enough for you, then just find something else to do with your time.

      • Thing is says:

        Its frustrating because we are interested in the story. I understand life gets in the way, but come on. Did we not just get a post a few days ago saying a new entry was coming Monday? Yes, we did.

        Where is the accountability? Either continue the story or remove it entirely. This has gotten absurd. If the guy doesn’t have time, why is he writing here?

        • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

          If it bothers you that much, then just check out one of the other sections of our fine site.

        • RD Reynolds says:

          Not his fault that the update is delayed, it is mine. He submitted it, but I’ve not had time to review it, so if there’s anyone to yell at, feel free to yell at me, as it is my ‘fault’.

          • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

            What is wrong with you, Reynolds?! Just because you have a wife, a kid, a job, hobbies, friends, and TV to watch; you think that’s some kind of excuse for not slaving away on the site for 23 hours a day (we’ll give you an hour to eat and sleep) for no money?

            Get with the program, Deal! Sheesh…

  13. RD Reynolds says:

    Oh, and I also want a full refund for the site. Pay up, Cheese! 🙂

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      At this rate I’m going to be the circa 1994 Nikolai Volkoff of WrestleCrap. *pout*.

  14. Thing is says:

    So when is the update coming out?

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