And the “Winner” Is…2015 Gooker Announced!

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Gooker voting is complete for 2015!! And it was exceedingly close. A look at the percentages showed a tie, but looking at the actual votes does in fact give us a winner…by 17 votes!



As it was so close, we will be inducting both the Divas Revolution (as first runner up) and the Rusev-Lana-Dolph-Summer Love Trapazoid (as the official Gooker winner) over the next few weeks.

Thank you to everyone who voted!!


What? Another year is over? How old am I? A million?

Let me put my walker down so I can hunt and peck away and thusly introduce you to this year’s nominees for the prestigious Gooker Award! For those of you young whippersnappers, the Gooker is this here’s website’s most prestigious (read: only) honor: that is, the absolute dirt worst happening, storyline, or character we all had to endure over the last twelve months. Pick your poison, kids!



All the Worst of Roman Reigns

Where to even begin with this poor guy? He was shoved down WWE fans’ throats despite their repeated desire to never see him again, most notably at the Royal Rumble where he was nearly booed out of the building as he emerged victorious. Indeed, the whole angle with Bray Wyatt, wherein the heel claimed “Anyone but you” seemed to echo overwhelming fan sentiment. Who could blame them? No doubt many of you are going to vote for him solely to hear his acceptance speech, which will no doubt contain the phrase “Sufferin’ Succotash!” Or maybe “Tater tots.” Either way, it will suck.


The Divas Revolution

NXT has surpassed main roster WWE as the choice for many of today’s more discerning wrestling fans. One way in which they have done so is to feature women not as sex kitten playthings (for the most part), but rather to emphasize their athletic ability which has led to fantastic matches featuring Sasha Banks, Bayley, Becky Lynch, and many others. Having seen the splash the crew was making in the “minor leagues”, the decision was made to bring them to Raw. What followed was an assimilation so nefarious the Borg would have shaken their heads, as the women were quickly morphed into “Divas” complete with horrific storylines and ridiculous stables.


The Rosebush

Says fellow Crapper Justin Henry: “Adam Rose won the hearts of many viewers during an ESPN special in May, when he was shown to be a doting father to a son born with an abdominal birth defect. WWE’s best idea to get this inspirational and admirable figure back on TV comes in the premise of a ‘celebrity gossip’ segment that was written with 12-year-olds in mind. Actually, that’s probably an insult to those younger viewers.”


Throw Mickie From The Train

Do you have any idea how much it pains us to put one of’s all-time favorite performers up for a Gooker? We spent the better part of ten years (10 YEARS!!!) making sure we mentioned her by name on WrestleCrap Radio, so you knows we loves us some Mickie James! Sadly, TNA is a wretched hive of scum, villainy, and horrific booking so yeah, here we are. In this completely idiotic angle, James Storm played nicey nice with Mickie only to throw her in front of a moving train. Sound fun? Trust us, it wasn’t!


It Never Ends – All Hail The Authority

If you love Stephanie McMahon or Triple H, then today’s WWE is for you. Every week it feels as though we get decades of them droning on and on forever on Raw. Yes, we know that you can’t cram a decade into a week. Somehow it feels like the ability to manipulate time into a more boring and lengthy matter is their super power. That or Steph’s ability to slap and emasculate every single ‘superstar’ on the roster. Gotta love when she slaps around mighty men and makes them bow before her!


Jon Stewart: Heel

Sure, a lot of folks wanted to see John Cena lose his SummerSlam match against Seth Rollins, but did anyone want The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart to be the deciding factor? Liars. But hey, that’s what happens when you have a company like WWE who is seemingly desperate to get even the most borderline celebrity involved with their product.


The Shera Shake

“Or is it the Shera Shuffle? Either way, Mahabali Shera, TNA’s ‘trump card’ for drawing toward their TV tapings in India (that were cancelled), possesses the ability to charm his opponents with a simple dance move, causing them to replicate the dance themselves. The picture to the right says it all: Al Snow looks boggled, while Mr. Anderson looks like he’d rather be anywhere else in the world. So would we!”


All Things Kane

“Seth Rollins was at one time booked as the focused and calculating tactician of The Shield, which explains what Triple H kayfabe saw in him. Then he becomes so dumb that he doesn’t anticipate that Corporate Kane taking a leave is the precursor to Demon Kane (or rather, a 48-year-old cosplaying as a red Angry Bird) showing up to kick his ass.” Even better was when we started get job evaluations on Raw. Not sure about you, but I know I like my pro wrestling a lot better when it features JOB EVALUATIONS!


Sting’s WrestleMania Moment Becomes Yet Another Reason to Bash WCW

For years, fans had longed to see Sting compete in a WWE ring. And make no mistake about it, he looked pretty darn good as he battled Triple H at WrestleMania 31. However, by the end of the bout Sting looked like a total fool, as somehow the match morphed into a story about how he was here to protect WCW’s honor. You know, the company that had died FIFTEEN YEARS EARLIER. That would have been bad enough, but just so everyone knew who the real winner was, Sting made sure to shake Hunter’s hand at the end. Because you always do that when a guy smashes your head with a sledgehammer minutes earlier.


Rusev-Lana-Dolph-Summer Love Trapazoid

Art0Donnell sez: “A never-ending story line that derailed the characters of two of the hottest heels in the company also managed to include a dead fish, Dolph Ziggler’s penis, and an ungodly amount of denim among its countless twists and turns. Oh, and when I called it ‘never-ending’ just now, I lied; it ended unceremoniously when Lana and Rusev announced their engagement on Instagram the one week that Vince decided to enforce kayfabe. Everyone involved in this fiasco ended up looking like a schmuck.”

And there you have it! Your choices for the very worst of the very worst of 2015. What should wear the turkey suit? YOU MAKE THE CALL!


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161 Responses to "And the “Winner” Is…2015 Gooker Announced!"
  1. Go Away Vince says:

    Somehow, Vince McMahon’s return has made me actually miss Triple H as an authority figure. I wish Stephanie would have disappeared instead.
    It’d be fun to describe how The Authority went back and forth between heel and face multiple times on every show, but I had to go with Kane instead.
    It ended up doing everything imaginable to ruin Seth Rollins as World Champion.

  2. Zac Campbell says:

    No Joey Ryan?

    • Rob Brown says:

      What’s wrong with Joey Ryan? He’s a good wrestler who sometimes does comedy spots.

      • Zac Campbell says:

        There’s 2 things that non wrestling fans say that wrestling fans hate “It’s fake and it’s gay” that whole crotch move he did proved them right

        • Craig says:

          It proved that Joey Ryan does comedy spots, nothing more. Declaring a comedy spot the worse thing about 2015 would be ridiculous hyperbole.

          • Fred says:

            When one considers that Joey Ryan is a symbol of everything that is wrong with pro wrestling as a whole in this day and age… yeah, what he did was indeed the worse thing about 2015… which is saying a lot

            • George says:

              You take this nonsense too seriously

              • Eduard says:

                I wouldn’t say that Joey Ryan deserves a Gooker nomination, it’s just plain comedy. But how RD and Co. haven’t inked that “finisher” on this site is a travesty! Sorry, but how isn’t THAT Wrestlecrap-worthy?

                • Falcone says:

                  It’s not a finisher. His finisher is a neckbreaker from the second rope. Whining about someone doing a comedy spot in DDT, a comedy promotion, is like going to see a movie about World War II and complaining about all the people who died in it.

  3. BeaverCleavage says:

    If Lana-Ziggler-Rusev doesn’t win that’s a travesty.

    • Guest says:

      If the feud hadn’t ended due to Lana getting legit injured and Rusev and Lana getting legit engaged (just to see how much worse the feud could get) I’d agree with it taking top honors.

  4. Jimbolian says:

    Is there a safeguard this year so we don’t have a repeat of last year? (One or several people ballot stuffing the polls by swamping it from different IP addresses.)

  5. Cameron A. says:

    It says something about the state of pro wrestling in 2015 that Dixie Carter’s alleged e-mail insulting Destination America executives, coupled with DA’s Ring of Honor pickup and DA washing its hands of all wrestling by the end of the year, can’t even crack a Gooker nomination. That India tour could have been IT for TNA at one point in 2015.

  6. JSWH says:

    Heh, I really liked the Kane stuff this year.

  7. Erich says:

    I gotta vote Sting’s Wrestlemania, because instead of any of the dream matchups we, the fans, have been hoping for since his heyday in WCW, we got the latest in a looooooooong line of HHH burials. 14 years after WWE won the War, Vince STILL had to beat the dead horse one last time.

  8. BigPoppaNasty says:

    That is one of the most loaded sets of Gooker nominees that I’ve ever seen. In a weaker year for competition, I could see Roman Reigns, Kane, Sting’s Wrestlemania, or the Lana-Rusev-Ziggler-Summer feud taking it, but this is the year of the Divas Revolution.

  9. Mister Forth says:

    Sting’s WrestleMania and The Diva Revolution are, at the time of this, really close. Both deserve to win it all for twisting what wrestling fans believed would be great.

  10. Alexandru says:

    Damn what a stacked list. Probably go with all the Authority crap. Though the Divas Revolution was terrible

  11. OPC says:

    I gotta go with the Mickie James Storm Train just for how tasteless it was.

  12. Cpt SuckePunch says:

    I vote sting. should’ve been amazing, he’s finally in a wwe ring, he’s here to lead a rebellion against the authority, he’s the (ugh) ‘vigilante’. Then at mania for some reason it turns into wcw vs wwe featuring a cluster fuck of run ins from the guys we originally wanted to see in the invasion 15 years ago. The cherry on top of this shit sundae, sting shaking trips hand. Pretty much saying, I know I stand against everything your authority does, but damnit, you cheated to win, so I respect you. Put er there!

    Also, I would’ve nominated the rumble match. Not even rocky could save that mess.

    Thanks for the laughs rd and crew.

    • Guest says:

      People actually wanted to see Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman, Scott Hall, & Kevin Nash on a TV?…….After getting tired of them in WCW and TNA?

  13. John C says:

    Had to go with the From Bulgaria with Love fiasco. Just an incredible waste of time, from start to non-finish. I would have picked The Divas’ Revolution but I’m hoping against all hope that they can pull it together and let them just be awesome in the ring. Give me more Four Horsewomen matches and no Ryback bad late 1980’s esque Hercules/Dino Bravo style matches.

  14. Geoff says:

    Wow. TNA must’ve gotten better this year. Or WWE must’ve gotten worse (if that’s possible). A list of Gooker nominees and only 2 are from TNA. In past years, half this list would be TNA and the other half would be WWE.

    • M says:

      TNA really flew under the radar this year due to the WCW-esque cluster that was their TV situation. Most of their issues occurred off screen.

  15. Scrooge McSuck says:

    Original instinct was voting for Sting, but not only the WM appearance, but everything. The lame NOC build, having Seth job to Cena but treating him as a total babyface having to over-come the odds against a fresh (and old) Sting, but on its own, the Mania match finish was just “eh.”

    I ended up picking Divas Revolution. A waste of time, as well as a waste of so much talent. Lynch looks like a goof, Charlotte can’t draw heat with an electrified heat drawing machine, Sasha is just hanging around for the sake of keeping her out of NXT, and then the rest of the Divas are just hanging around doing nothing. And can we PLEASE get rid of the “Divas” term? PLEASE? Enough is enough and its time for a change.

  16. George Nolan says:

    I’d say a toss-up between the Divas Revolution and the Ziggler/Lana/Rusev love fiasco would be the worst offerings of 2015 for me. Kind of surprised with how much voting is going for Sting’s Wrestlemania 31 match. Granted it was an underwhelming affair and was an overbooked mess with WWE’s half-assed attempt to recapture the Monday Night Wars with DX and nWo appearing. But that was nothing compared to the prolonged damage WWE gave its current roster with Sasha, Charlotte and Becky being nothing more than “just more Divas” to fill the Divas division and the love fiasco with Rusev, Lana and Ziggler doing nothing for anyone involved besides creating unconvincing romantic crap.

  17. Big Booty Step Daddy says:

    aw man………tough one this year. I see people going with Divas Revolution but really……..did anyone expect anything out of them? I think we all knew as soon as the girls from NXT crossed over into the WWE they would be conformed. I’m leaning towards Sting seeing as how they had him signed in time for a WM match with Undertaker but instead waited another year to even put him in his first match against Triple H. You could see where it was headed.

    Sting is 0-2 in the WWE and the dream match with Taker looks like it will never happen. That’s a lot of wrestlecrap right there. Unfortunately, I don’t see how it can be anything but the way WWE booked Roman from the 2014 Slammys up until the night after TLC. they were so desperate to find the next John Cena they were having Roman actually cutting promos and skits that sounded like they were made for Cena.

    I put that more on the WWE than Roman. I think Roman will be the future of the WWE along with Seth Rollins but he needed to go out and prove it. They were just crowning him the next top guy based on his looks and his family connections. If they just let him be himself like he was in the Shield and stop trying to overhype him he’s going to be fine. But the last year WWE dug themselves a hole and didn’t do him any favors either. The other stuff is small potatoes compared to solidifying the next top guy. Lana-Rusev-Ziggler was time wasting filler for sure. They tried everything with Reigns and failed hard. That should count for more since their top priority was getting Reigns over.

    We know they don’t care about Ziggler or the Divas.. Triple H and Steph aren’t going anywhere. They’ll no doubt be Gooker contenders next year. anybody still watch TNA? gotta go Reigns but with most of the blame on WWE creative.

  18. Saint Stryfe says:

    Divas Revolution and The Authority are (what’s best for) business as usual. They’re nothing new. Most of the rest is also par for the course – stupid angles, bad choices, misusing people. All stuff that happens.

    No, the Gooker should be about more. It should be a blunder that literally breaks the reality of wrestling, that exposes the business, that costs insane amounts of money for no benefit.

    With Sting, WWE managed to flush millions down the toilet, embarrass the biggest name non-WWE wrestler ever, and on top of all that, did it just to show up a dead wrestling organization that died 15 years ago. It was the stupidest mistake WWE has made since the Brand Split.

    • Guest says:

      How did they flush millions down the toilet with a 56 year old guy who hasn’t been a major name in the business in 15 years?

      Because really booking him and Taker in a match that likely would’ve been awful and having him beat Triple H at Mania those wouldn’t have exactly been good ideas.

  19. Vinnie Mac says:

    Amazing that several of these can be chalked up to “WWE backstage shenanigans”-the middle finger to WCW and Sting a decade later, Roman getting over no matter what dammit, LOL Steph Wins, and the questionable message of the Divas Revolution all screams of “good god, what kind of out-of-touch asshole do you have to be to have the last name McMahon.”

    McMahon clan lunacy aside, I have to pick the love triangle from hell. Something is terribly wrong when the performers know the product is crap and not in the good ham and cheese kind of way, but the bad I’d rather be a million miles away way. Something is also terribly wrong when the sexist xenophobe seems more heroic than the decent-hearted rocker dude who just wants a good time.

  20. Andrew says:

    Could we just give 2015, the Goober as all of it was pretty bad

  21. Philip says:

    Had to go with the Ziggler/Lana/Summer/Rusev fiasco over and above even Sting’s Wrestlemania and the Divas “Revolution”. I think deep down we all knew that Sting wasn’t going to win, purely because Vince is a petty, spiteful old man who still holds a grudge, and we all also knew that main-roster creative would do nothing with the Horsewomen they brought up because Vince doesn’t like it when people with cooties “embarrass the boys”. The love-square, on the other hand, managed to take two seemingly can’t-miss talents like Ziggler and Rusev and completely destroy them, which is infinitely worse.

    • Guest says:

      If people already knew Sting wasn’t going to win they wouldn’t have complained about him not going over Triple H in a one match feud.

      • Tony Wilson says:

        Of course we knew Sting wasn’t going to win. That’s the whole point. We weren’t pissed off that Sting lost, we were pissed off that Sting was booked in a match that made absolutely no sense from a creative or a historic standpoint.

        Ideally, this should’ve been the end of The Authority. For we all knew, that was the only reason Sting even showed up in the first place. He even cut a promo wherein he explicitly stated that he wasn’t there to defend the honor of WCW. But at the very last second, suddenly he’s fighting for exactly that? They practically retconned the story for the match during the match itself.

        Not to mention that Sting was forced to shake Trips’ hand in a show of honor and respect, despite Trips doing things that were anything but honorable or respectable.

        This was a huge moment for WWE. Sting is an icon of the industry. It’s his nickname. Nobody ever thought they would see him in a WWE ring, even after he signed a deal with them. And in typical WWE, they went out of their way to ruin it. And that is why Sting’s Wrestlemania Moment is a worthy contender of the 2015 Gooker Award.

        • Elockid of Wikipedia says:

          I think “Guest” should be nominated for having the most ignorant opinions on here Tony. Especially the Republican and Sting wasting the last 15 years in TNA comments. Sting would have been squashed by Helmsley if he came sooner to this rating dropping company anyway!

  22. Fart says:

    I voted for Reigns, but to be honest none of it was his fault. He’s a talented guy being pushed in an inappropriate way. His recent title win(s) made him look decent again, mostly due to getting a bit of edge back, but unfortunately we now know thanks to the Royal Rumble title defence stipulation that one of two things will happen – he will either win the thing for a second straight year to look awesome, or will be screwed leading to headlining Wrestlemania against whoever wins.

    • Fart says:

      Also it looks like Sting/Triple H will win by a distance anyway, can’t really argue. Fun match, terrible booking.

  23. Gotchism For Life says:

    I had to go for The Authority for a couple of reasons.

    1) This storyline as been going on for 18 freaking years! It worked well for Austin v McMahon and even before that Eric Bischoff as nWo Executive messing up WCW in the boardroom while Hogan messed up WCW in the ring worked on a certain level….but dang, I miss the days when Wally Carbo was AWA Commissioner…Jack Tunney was WWF president and you could ignore Verne and Vince were the owners.

    Is it too much for authority figures to stay backstage? Imagine if Dana White put on a pair of gloves and got in the Octagon and say that Holm would have to face him and Rousey n a handicap fight.

    I totally understand why people voted Sting being Screwed or Divas Revolution…but to be honest…The Authority Figures are behind those two mess ups…

    Triple H and the McMahon’s should do with WWE what they’ve been doing with NXT. Staying out of it and working backstage only.

  24. 80's Guy says:

    I had to give it to the Authority, because I abhor the never ending, egotistical duo who are trying to turn themselves into something they’re not and never will be. The constant heel/face/heel/face bullsh.. is extremely ignorant, and they are also part of the reason Sting’s WM (and WWE run in general) were abysmal. Sure, you can try to blame Vince solely, but as we’ve seen in different clips and news reports, Triple ego has Vince’s ear more than anybody gives him credit for and he could have easily nixed the idea if he really wanted to.

    I do agree that Sting’s WM was just downright pathetic. Trips just can’t get over the fact he will never be what he is trying to turn his legacy into. He needs to face facts, he was no Jericho, and he will never be a Taker no matter how many WMs he books himself in or how many elaborate entrances he gives himself. F’n toolbox.

    While a lot of the other stuff was horrid, it doesn’t hold a candle to anything to do with the Authority, which was the cause of so much of the putrid waste matter that 2015 subjected us to.

  25. Dan Sheldon says:

    Man! This is a tough one! Diva’s revolution or Rusev/Ziggler. The Rusev/Ziggler thing was just completely awful but the Divas thing could have been great…but it wasn’t. It actually kind of hurt. Do I go with something that was crap from the beginning or something that should have been awesome? I suppose for the simple fact that WWE almost made me lose interest in Sasha Banks should be the deciding factor!

  26. KatieVictoriasSecret says:

    I didn’t really realize how awful this year was for the business until I saw all of these choices lined up side by side. Yikes, in a word.

    I almost went with Sting/Triple H but ultimately I couldn’t ignore the pull of the Russev/Lana/Summer Rae/Dolph Ziggler mess. I love Ziggler and think Lana had miles of potential as a heel manager and watching this…thing…unfold all year was both pointless and painful. Sting/Haitch was like having a band-aid ripped off; this was like accidentally poking your tongue into a festering cavity over and over again. The Divas Revolution at least gave us some entertaining stuff (though the Reid Flair stuff was a nadir for me) so I couldn’t go with it in good consciousness and the Reigns mess has finally at least been course corrected (finally. AT LAST). And Stewart was at least…short?

  27. Jerichoholic Ninja says:

    I’d have rather seen the Rumble itself as the nominee as opposed to a blanket Roman Reigns entry, since the problems in that match went FAR beyond Reigns (ie. two 40+ year old men, favourites of McMahon simply because they’re big, KOing fan favourites and literally unceremoniously dumping them from the match).

    It’s got to be the Diva’s Revolution, for the simple fact that it had limitless possibilities. There are two general categories of Gooker winners: Stuff that should have sucked, and did (ie. Arquette, Bella v. Bella) and the less common Stuff that that had potential but sucked (ie. The Invasion). This falls into the latter.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if The Authority storyline comes close though. If last year showed anything with the Brass Rings winner its that some fans love voting for something that showcases the WWE’s overall problems.

  28. Jerry says:

    All of the Reigns stuff sucked, what, eleven months out of the year (maybe more)? But they did manage to right that ship.

    The Diva’s Revolution, while a far cry from what it could have been (NXT), didn’t leave the “main roster” division in any worse shape. We get Becky and Banks on our tee-vees more often, and Paige actually has someone to fight now.

    Everything else is certainly induction-worthy, but it didn’t last that long — except the Authority. I never once thought “Oh boy, he’s the Authority.” Their magical ability to switch between heel and face (strictly for charity purposes but met with confusion and a smattering of boos) is mind-boggling, insulting, and downright angering. They got their comeuppance the year before at Survivor Series but reappeared almost instantly. They were off of TV for, what? Two weeks? Now we’ve even lost the hope that they could ever even be removed from television.

    It could very well be the 2016 winner, too.

    • Si says:

      “Paige actually has someone to fight now”

      Who? I’d actually argue that Paige 2015, alongside the whole Tough Enough mess (yes, play the “harsh British judge” card if you must, but maybe make it someone who’s been on WWE TV for more than a year given at least SImon Cowell and Nigel Lythgoe speak from known experience), is a textbook example of how WWE aren’t bothered with logical writing for women. Her six month feud with the Bellas just ended without conclusion and at no point was she made to look sympathetic despite being repeatedly cheated out of title wins. Her big heel turn promo was followed by a month of stasis as she remained a face because of the necessity to build to the Nikki-Charlotte rematch instead, then the big heel gambit of the Reid Flair reference blew up when they had to pretend it never happened due to the backlash and she got cheered over Charlotte at the resultant match anyway, which led to them turning Charlotte heel in the middle of the lead-up to their rematch making it seem like personally insulting a dead man was now a face move. And since then she’s disappeared from TV because nobody’s sure whether she’s face or heel and barely works house shows because she doesn’t fit in the usual tag team formula. Paige has had twelve consecutive failed title shots on TV and PPV, the majority as a face – you’d think someone might have noticed by now.

      And while I think about it, tell me why I should care about Sasha Banks right now. Since her arrival nearly six months ago she’s had a lot of matches and got absolutely nothing out of them – she beat champion Nikki clean and didn’t get a title shot, beat Paige who then became #1 contender, beat Becky the week before she got a title shot, and in the last couple of months alone she’s gone from being title contenders clean on Raw to needing interference to beat Alicia Fox on Main Event. What’s the point of an unbeaten run when it doesn’t lead anywhere and you’re proud of sticking with your team long after the team concept has been debased, especially as one of those colleagues barely wrestles, and after a spell when it was clear they were attempting to fracture BAD using the “we want Sasha” chants to their own end?

    • Guest says:

      Paige may have someone to fight but she still jobs like she was doing prior to the callups :S

  29. Flibble says:

    The Jon Stewart turn was hilarious, plus it actually had an explanation, which for 2015 WWE was something of a miracle. Anyway, referring to him as a “borderline celebrity” isn’t entirely apt as he had just left the Daily Show and had a ton of publicity. I don’t really see why this was an option honestly.

    • Ramon Reyes says:

      I agree. And calling him a “borderline celebrity” when everyone in America was talking about his retirement from the Daily Show at the time, when his opinions on the issues of the day were frequently in the headlines, and when multiple news outlets showed clips from his segments and made them into stories…yeah, I wouldn’t call him a “borderline celebrity”.

      That’s Wrestlecrap dot com’s Conservative showing.

      • Guest says:

        Stewart is more of a political pundit than a Celebrity though.

        • Ramon Reyes says:

          But he is on tv a lot and often made guest appearances on other talk shows. And he hosted the Oscars once. I mean, that’s a celebrity in my book. A guy who is famous.

  30. Michael says:

    So many choices for this gooker, I guess I’ll give my thoughts on the 3 that I think may take it this year.

    Roman Reigns: Ever since late 2014 WWE has had one plan in mind when it came to Roman, Push him to the moon and damn everyone else. The 2015 RR match (That will no doubt be covered should this be the winner) gave us the proof that WWE wanted to push him to be a unfinished mix of Stone Cold/Rock/Cena and it was only through luck that Seth took the win and the belt at WM. Now Roman has the belt and WWE thinks the best way to push him is not letting him be the hard-hitting, soft-spoken badass he was back when the Shield was around and instead do shitty promos and booking that seems to be taking pages from Vince/Stone Cold.

    Divas “Revolution”: Look at NXT and the amount of talented woman wrestlers they have, (Eva doesn’t count) now look at Raw. If this “Revolution” has shown us anything is that the writers in the WWE main shows have NO IDEA how to book the woman wrestlers anymore. The first sign of this being true is when they splited 9 of them (4 of them being from NXT) into 3 teams and the final sign is when they had Nikki surpassed AJ’s record with the “Diva’s” title in the most BS way they could think of then have her lose it 6 days later. This was a revolution in name only and nothing else.

    Sting: Remember Survivor Series 2014? Remember when Sting showed up in that match to help team Cena win? Well the first thing WWE did a month later to show they cared for Sting was to retcon the whole thing and it only got worse from there. Sting wanted a match with HHH at WM, fair enough but when the NWO and DX came out it should of been clear that it wasn’t a match, it was WWE taking let another shot at a horse that is nothing but decaying bones at this point. And just to drive the point home Sting shakes HHH’s hand afterward, as if this was just harmless fun when in fact it was anything but fun.

    …If you had to ask, I picked Divas “Revolution” for the 2015 gooker.

  31. Mav says:

    I voted for the Sting debacle.

    Putting him in a match with HHH, that no one wanted.

    With a terrible finish that us old WCW fans could see coming a mile away.

    Who else from WCW could they bring into bury?

    The Black Scorpion?


    The Ding Dongs?

    • Kenneth Wise says:

      Jeff Jarrett if the E is truly petty as shit.

    • Guest says:

      No one may have wanted Sting & Triple but let’s be honest watching a barely mobile Undertaker and a mostly but still somewhat slow Sting wrestle at Wrestlmania in a match with nothing on the line wasn’t a much better idea either.

  32. C. Peter Roberts says:

    Tough choice this year, but had to go with Rusev/Lana/ Ziggler. Managed to destroy the credibility of all three of these characters in just a few weeks, and I don’t see any of them recovering from it.

    • Guest says:

      The only person’s whose credibility was irreparably destroyed was Rusev.

      Ziggler never had any credibility to start with. And Lana despite creative essentially making her heel again by pairing her back up with Rusev still has hers.

  33. NoPickles says:

    I voted for Sting because what I thought would happen by him going there has happened. And one of the reasons I disdain WWE right now is that they never miss an opportunity to circle-jerk themselves even while they have glaring issues going on. The ONLY good thing about him being there is him getting paid. WWE-only smarks don’t respect Sting and kids don’t even know who he is. I always knew that him going there was just another opportunity for WWE to stick it to someone who wasn’t manufactured by their machine. Say what you want about TNA, but they respected the hell out of Sting. Not every storyline is going to be gold, but Sting was treated as the legend he is, even if it was on a smaller stage.

    If WWE would stop being enabled by their sheep, they might be forced to treat both the wrestlers and fans with more respect and, you know, stop putting out a abysmal product.

    • Guest says:

      I wouldn’t say TNA respected Sting especially after the Lockdown 2010 debacle and a lot of stupid booking decisions with Sting in the company in general.

  34. NoPickles says:

    Looking at WWE in review here and thinking of the previous years, I’ll never understand a company that hates itself, its employees, and its fans so much. It’s been at least 5 years since I stopped watching WWE, but at times I’ve kept up with it online. I’ll never understand how they keep shooting themselves in the foot with a smile. It makes no sense.

  35. SGCEO says:

    The Authority are linked to the Kane, goofy Roman and the John Stewart stuff, as well as being around for years, it gets an easy vote from me.

    • SGCEO says:

      Also Stings crappy WWE appearances.

      • Guest says:

        I don’t think WWE is the one deciding that Sting should make limited appearances and work feuds that are only a single PPV match long. They are responsible for his undeserved title shot at NOC.

  36. Mike says:

    I had to pick Jon Stewart.

    The Authority, for every year they are around in any capacity, automatically win the “Give it up already” award

  37. Darkshot77 says:

    Wrestlecrap, I love you guys, and yes this is a STACKED ballot this year, but even still you have made a gigantic oversight in NOT including the GFW InVasion of TNA as part of your nominees. GFW were in TNA for 6 weeks only. And the big threats they brought were a bunch of washed up WWE personal and a traitorous Eric Young. This was their first big TV exposure and it ended with you losing to a Company who has issues finding a solid television home. This was hands down the worst thing last year in my humble opinion.

    Now based on what you have listed, I side with the “Divas revolution” mostly because of how poorly it was handled and how bitter it makes me. Paige, Charlotte, Becky, Sasha, I watched all of them tear it up on NXT, then Paige goes to the main roster and feuds with the Bella’s, the story being that she can not find anyone on the roster to help her. A logical course of action would entail having her call her NXT buddies to come show the Bella’s what a real wrestling is. But as the WWE is a place void of logic, Paige gets buried by the all Powerful Stephanie McMahon who bring is a “DIva’s Revolution” to…do what exactly? Was it to stop the Bella’s? Was it to make herself more important? I am not quite sure. In the end it some how made the women wrestler seem less important than before. So Mission accomplished WWE.

  38. Rob Brown says:

    If Sting wins then I think the induction should include his treatment after WrestleMania. To be specific, how his feud with Rollins not only saw him job to a guy who was beaten up by Cena immediately before while Sting was fresh, but also how they had him cut a promo in which he said something like “Triple H is better than me because he beat me, but I’m challenging you, Seth, because you’re no Triple H!” Good lord, that was awful.

    • Hulk6785 says:

      Yeah, his whole WWE has been a huge bust. Though, I didn’t really want him to come to WWE considering he wasted so many years in TNA. If he had come in in 2001 or even 2005, I would have been psyched. But, 2015 Sting? No thanks.

    • Guest says:

      That made Rollins look somewhat credible despite how lazily and redundantly he was booked for months after stealing the title from Reigns and Lesnar.

  39. Ben Serwa says:

    People must’ve been paying zero attention to TNA this year, because James Storm throwing Mickie James in front of a moving train has GOT to be the dumbest thing of the year. Way dumber than anything involving Sting. Way dumber than anything involving Lana.

    James Storm tried to MURDER Mickie James on a wrestling show and on their website they called it “nearly criminal”. NEARLY?!

    • Hulk6785 says:

      Well, it’s hard to pay attention to a wrestling company that keeps moving around to obscure cable channels.

      • No Pickles says:

        At least they’re trying to stay in the game, along with R.O.H., Lucha Underground, etc. Wrestling fans need as many alternatives as possible; this virtual monopoly WWE has held in the U.S. has hurt pro-wrestling (or “sports entertainment”) as a whole in North America.

  40. Jerichoholic Ninja says:

    With regards to Sting, I agree that everything they did was terrible, but was anyone really surprised? I remember Bryan Alvarez was convinced that Sting would win (to send the fans home happy), but I was always positive Triple H would win… Because he’s Triple H, and he was entering the match having lost the previous year. And when they started making it about WCW vs. WWF, you knew Trips would win because then you were also factoring in Vince’s fragile ego.

    At the end of the day, everyone knew what Sting coming meant: He’d have a match at WrestleMania, probably at a couple other big shows, then he’d disappear and show up every now and then on network shows. The problems there are far less significant than how they blew such an easy angle (Divas Revolution), boggled the push of their next chosen one (Roman Reigns), made two top names look like goofs at a time when they couldn’t afford to (Rusev/Ziggler/Lana/Summer Rae), continually pushed someone in their mid-40s (Kane) and went out of their way to protect only one person (Stephanie McMahon) in a never-ending storyline fans wanted gone a year ago.

    In short, Sting was just another ill-conceived storyline and pair of matches. It hardly ranks compared to the damage they did with most of the other nominees.

  41. Idi 'Big Daddy' Amin says:

    I can’t vote for any of them. 2015 was just Gooker-worthy as a whole.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Voted for the divas. Not just because it was the worst thing of the year, but because it has to be done ASAP for the induction to reach its full potential. The “divas revolution” isn’t a regular angle that can be looked at a year or more down the road. There are certain aspects of it that necessitate its induction while it’s still totally fresh.

  43. M says:

    Had to go with The (never ending) Authority, unlike alot of people I actually liked Triple H, but him and Steph just drone on and on and on. I have only watched a handful of Raws this year on Hulu, and everyone of them just has them do nothing but endless Authority segments. I feel like you could tie up almost all of the Gooker nominees into this one nomination.

  44. I'm Not Using My Real Name says:

    I think it’s a toss up between Sting and Ziggler Love Trapazoid.

    I thought Triple H beating WCW was done in 2003 (seriously he spent that whole year beating old WCW guys.) But Sting was one more name Vince could have lose to Triple H. The legendary Sting finally has a WWE match…and gets beat. And he had help from the NWO? What? And for what? It’s not like HHH needed the momentum, he hasn’t had a match since. It just didn’t make sense.

    As for the love story, it never should have gone on so long. Just as the feud started Rusev got hurt. Once he finally healed up then Dolph got written off the show. Dolph came back and that’s when Lana got hurt. Lana and Rusev announcing their engagement was simply a chance for the writers to put a stop to that thing. After Rusev lost his feud with Cena it was important to book him in a way that kept him looking strong. Being Summer Rae’s Ru-Ru wasn’t it.

    • Guest says:

      You say that Triple H didn’t need the momentum

      True but neither did Sting since he wasn’t coming in WWE to work full time and having win then disappear for months after the fact wouldn’t have helped anything nor would it have better justified giving him a title shot at Night Of Champions because to hell with the Champion wrestling a contender.

  45. Condor says:

    The Lana-Rusev-Ziggler-Summer love square, hands down. The reason: Rusev was supposed to be this Russian tank that mowed people down, took no prisoners, and broke backs because Lana ordered him to (“Rusev CRUSH!”). With this storyline, Rusev’s drawing power vanished in one night. Lana was his handler, not his girlfriend, in many eyes.

    Poor dude may never be the same for it.

    • Guest says:

      Rusev’s drawing power vanished after he jobbed to Cena (by McMahon edict) the storyline that came afterwards was just putting it out it’s misery.

  46. The Artist Formerly Known As Colesdust says:

    I picked the Diva’s Revolution. The fact that WWE considered the start of it to be worthy of a nomination in the Slammys for the “This Is Awesome” Moment of the Year highlights how up their own arse the execs are. Looking at the voting, there could be a double winner with this and the Ziggler/Rusev/Lana/Rae love square. That should be interesting…

    • Stephen says:

      The start of it WAS awesome. Everything that came after that was the problem. The endless six-woman tags and storylines focused around the Bellas and arguing over who started the Divas Revolution than actually HAVING a revolution.

      But the first night was amazing. Even the crowd thought so.

  47. Geoff says:

    You know it’s a wonder: future wrestling fans turned wrestling prospects don’t come here and end up not wanting to go into wrestling at all. Why don’t more people see WWE for what it is and stop trying to become a wrestler?

    • Guest says:

      For the same reason people don’t see Republicans for the terrible and uncaring assholes they morally and politically are. They wanna believe in them. Though really seeing WWE for what it (or rather what certain fans want it to be see for) wouldn’t discourage anyone from becoming a wrestler when the independent scene and Japan are options.

  48. Stephen says:

    I had to vote for the Authority. The fact that they’ve been around for so darn long, add so little to the show, yet have the most screen time and are treated as the biggest stars is THE main reason WWE programming is so stale.

  49. Danitude says:

    So the bound for glory debacle which led to Matt Hardy vacating the title via YouTube due to an injunction which would not be held in court until December leading to the pointless 10 year long tournament that just saw its conclusion this week and nothing has changed. I think we can overlook the angle still in progress at the end of the year as has been done many times before with the gooker award. Many things are leading to the death of TNA and me being pro TNA for 13 years immediately soured me on the product long term. It’s going to take a lot to win me back after this one.

  50. Danitude says:

    Am I the only one who liked the divas revolution?

  51. Joe says:

    I think Roman Reigns because they managed to eradicate all their mistakes with him and get him instantly over by the end of the year in a span of two nights. That and at least he was consistently putting up quality matches throughout all of this.
    Divas revolution was a massive disappointment more than anything else. Not much has really changed from before.
    Rosebush I don’t think was significant enough to win this, as it hadn’t really occupied much airtime.
    Mickie James/ Shera shake….TNA isn’t really relevant enough at this point to win this
    Authority… yeah, it was enduring just because it went on way too long.
    Jon Stewart… yeah, not really sure if this even warrants a nomination. As far as celebrity involvements go, this was easily one of the better ones.
    Sting… The butthurt was ridiculous. Should he have won at Mania? Perhaps. But it’s not like it was a big deal. It wasn’t like he was some up and comer who had his momentum destroyed by jobbing, or needing the win to cement his status or legacy. Hell, did it do anything to hurt his legacy? Not at all. The burial of Rusev or Taker not putting over Wyatt was far, far worse, as shit like that actually hinders the future of the company and are examples of why they cannot create new stars.

    The two worst were easily the two sides of Kane and Rusev/ Lana/ Ziggler/ Summer. Because the Kane one only lasted for about a month, while the Rusev thing last much, much longer, I give an easy vote for the Rusev/ Lana/ Ziggler/ Summer

  52. TheDude says:

    Roman Reigns. Easily. Far and away the worst thing in wrestling for me this year.

  53. Raging_Demons says:

    Hardest decision of a Gooker winner ever for me. So far for me I was stuck between either The Diva’s Revolution or the eternal undeserved Roman Reigns push for him in 2015.

    I DO know that it wasn’t the Lana/Rusev/Ziggler “Love Triangle of Eternal Torment” because WWE usually puts crap out like this all the time and there wasn’t anything confirmed on how this was started in the first place (Vince McMahon though Lana was too good for Rusev and he wanted to break them up in real life) and if it was confirmed it would had been a DEFINITE Gooker vote. I didn’t get Destination America in 2015 so all the TNA stuff I did not vote for even though all the Mickie James stuff was bad. Authority Kane I got numb to so didn’t care. Didn’t vote for Jon Stewart was at least he had a decent segment with Seth Rollins while he was still on “The Daily Show” (Rollins: Wait I have Slippers?!?). No on The Authority because its basically a Triple H thing and so far he didn’t get punished for his crap and it looks like he’s not going to again. No on Sting’s Road To Wrestlemania because basically its a part of the whole Reigns thing because its basically the same choices. The Rosebush? meh.

    So for me it was between the two. When Reigns was in The Shield to me he never really stood out. Here you have Rollins and Ambrose sticking out and all he did was say “Yeah” or “Believe ‘dat”. I believe that when he got hurt it gave the fans the reality if the situation and gave a general “We were cheering for that?!?” exclamation. Pushing Reigns down our throat (along with the rest of 2015 for WWE) just showed the major problem of WWE putting their own agenda first before the fans when WWE kept saying over and over again that “they listen to the fans” while pushing Reigns constantly shows that they don’t. But after reading all of these posts here…

    I chose to vote for The Diva’s Revolution. Its just the same problem that WWE doesn’t even want to learn. Most of The Diva’s Roster are a joke nowadays. If you do a YouTube search on “Diva” and “Botch” you’ll come across pages upon pages of Diva’s screwing up. While over at NXT they were trying something revolutionary. Women Wrestler’s (well most of them) were actually getting over by something called….TALENT. When WWE tried to exploit the NXT Divas and instead stuck them to the idiocyof their booking policy AND having all of them getting squashed by John Cena’s girlfriend then what was the point of having a revolution. Nikki Bella needed to be dethroned in order for it to work but instead they let her squash the entire Diva’s Division and Nikki Bella has the talent of a pile of rotting garbage–it just stands there and smells and looks rancid. In the RAW Diva Search & the XFL they had The Rock push it and nothing happened; on Social Media Mick Foley was pushing hard for The Diva’s Revolution and it went nowhere! The Diva’s Revolution basically showed yet again WWE only cares for female talent that are physically attractive even though they had ZERO talent and the ones that do have talent gets squashed and pushed like the zero talents unless your a girfriend to Cena

    • Guest says:

      Ambrose never stood out, him being pushed as Single wrester actually helped better establish him as an individual where in the Shield he was overshadowed by Rollins charisma and Reigns intimidating stoicism.

      ” If you do a YouTube search on “Diva” and “Botch” you’ll come across pages upon pages of Diva’s screwing up”.

      Yeah because it isn’t like if one were to search for the likes of Lynch, Banks, Charlotte, or any other current or former female talent from NXT botching they’d get no results. It’s this kind of mentality that the fans have to learn to get away from. Just because you don’t like these performers and think they make a lot of mistakes doesn’t mean that talent you do like don’t make mistakes in the same position.

      “AND having all of them getting squashed by John Cena’s girlfriend then what was the point of having a revolution”.

      Presumably to bolster a somewhat shallow divas division with more talent.

      “Nikki Bella needed to be dethroned in order for it to work”

      And in order to do that they needed to have Nikki who was the current champion job at a rate much like AJ Lee did during her godawful and unnecessarily long title reign which did nothing but made her look weak or have someone take the title off of Nikki the week before the PPV where the title was going to be defended anyway simply so she wouldn’t break AJ’s Lee’s thankfully forgotten reign?

  54. Gouki says:

    Oh man, this is so hard… But, I actually think the TNA stuff is pretty tame compared to the stupid “Authority” (and I think the Diva’s Revolution should be included since anytime Steph get’s involved in a storyline, I want to shoot the TV”,Sting’s WWE run, and Corporate and Demon Kane.

  55. Rave says:

    Voted for the Authority, since that horrid power porn segment from the first Raw of last year was what finally convinced me to stop watching regularly.

    But yeah, why isn’t TNA’s run with Destination America on the ballot? That was a masterpiece of idiocy.

    • JimbobJones says:

      Largely because that wasn’t really TNA’s fault. For a change, they really didn’t do anything wrong except to go with the wrong network. (Also because that entry would be more about DA’s management than TNA’s — remember, DA also dropped ROH)

  56. John says:

    I voted the authority because Rusev/Lana/Ziggler/Summer…ended.

    Say what you want against Vince McMahon, but he wrestled Austin like three times and moved on. Why does HHH need to book himself in three Undertaker matches at Wrestlemania?
    Why does HHH need to go over CM Punk and then leave the next night?
    Why does HHH need to go over Sting?
    Why does HHH need to wrestle Daniel Bryan before the main event?
    Why does HHH need to go over Brock Lesnar?
    Say what you want against Hulk Hogan, but he when he went over guys he was a wrestler, who was drawing money. I don’t think anyone goes to RAW hoping to see a 30 minute HHH monologue.

    • Mark Smart says:

      not only that but that 2nd match with Taker at WM had Triple H give Taker the worst beating of his career (up until that point) and the way it was played was Triple H beat Taker even though Taker technically got the win.

      To the point where Taker had to beg Triple H for a rematch at WM. So in essence, Triple H ended the Streak without actually ending the Streak. Now it seems he will insert himself into another main event at WM32 with Reigns. This marks the third time at least where Triple H as a corporate entity has interfered in the booking of a top star. Punk, Bryan and now Reigns.

    • Guest says:

      Three matches that he neither booked himself in and lost and two of which are considered by more reasonable wrestling fans to be pretty good unlike the majority of most of Taker’s wrestlemania matches.

      As for why he needed to Wrestle Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania XXX that’s because of something called a feud.

      • CP says:

        And he’s something called a corporate authority figure in real life who has massive pull in the booking decisions.

  57. Mark Smart says:

    can we just group all of the Authority based angles into one big lump sum and award it to them? I mean, most people feel the same way. The common denominator in almost all of WWE’s horrid angles has been TA-DAH! Either in front of or behind the camera, they have made watching Raw & Smackdown unbearable.

    The Roman Reigns superpush? check. what made it so bad was not just trying to have him fill Cena’s shoes but also spit out the same garbage and act like a buffoon. Not to mention the fact most fans think he didn’t deserve it and that there were at least a dozen guys who deserved it more. Hell out of the three Shield members he was the least deserving. But I digress. Looking like he does and being related to The Rock goes a long way. And that was the McMahons and Triple H behind that. On top of all the collateral damage like the RR, beating Daniel Bryan clean to show the fans who’s in charge, Paul Heyman having to hype him up to make it look like he had a chance against Brock, etc etc. They really crapped on the WWE and it’s universe to get one guy over.

    The Divas Revolution. personally, I knew it wouldn’t add up to much. You want to watch a good ladies’ match then watch NXT or some Joshi or old episodes of GLOW……whatever. You won’t find it in the WWE. But again, it’s got another McMahon’s fingerprints all over it. Not to mention perennial Gooker candidates The Bellas at the forefront.

    Sting. Yes, WWE dropped the ball with the biggest superstar to never wrestle for them. They could have done so much with him but instead went the safe, easy, lazy route…….entering the WWE to fight for the honor of WCW 15 years too late. Enter Triple H. He just couldn’t resist being the one to do the honors and in doing so made Sting look ridiculous in hindsight. They had one chance to do something really special and flushed it to boost already over inflated egos.

    Kane. Direct ties to the Authority. Corporate Kane? At the very least they should have had him go by Glen Jacobs like they did when Val Venis became Chief Morley or whatever. This guy used to be sort of on the same kayfabe levels of the Undertaker. now you see how much of a joke he’s been reduced to. Kinda hard to imagine Undertaker selling out and wearing cotton dockers while answering to Corporate Taker.

    And you know, pretty much everything that’s left over….the Rosebush, Ziggler-Rusev and all the other wrestlecrap is a result of the Authority/creative putting all of their time and effort into making other wrestlecrap mentioned earlier. Maybe if they had eased up on getting Roman over so much and let it just happen they could have focused on the rest of their talent. Maybe if they hadn’t been wasting so much time in putting over the Diva’s Revolution as a (not so) stealth endorsement for Total Divas they may have let the NXT girls bring their game up with them.

    I guess what I’m saying is I change my vote to the Authority because it seems they are responsible for like 85% of all the candidates.

    • 80's Guy says:

      What’s even more mindboggling and insulting was the fact that Sting, himself, in promos stated that it had nothing to do with WCW because that was old, over, and done with. Then it becomes exactly about WCW….

      Why would you not only make Sting look like a chump in that entire WM match debacle but also by making him sound like either a liar or a clueless dimwit? Makes no sense, he could have had a much bigger impact than what they booked him to have. F*** the McMahons, seriously.

      • Guest says:

        The guy is 56 and works on a sporadic schedule for a myriad of reasons.

        He was never going to have much an impact but that’s what happens when you get old on top of wasting 15 years of your life wrestling for a shitty promotion no one cares about rather than going to a more well known promotion you could’ve signed with instead.

  58. Xenomorph says:

    There must be something wrong with my eyes , i am seeing that Shera is actually more white than Alsnow.

    • crusher chang says:

      it’s the camera angle probably, I’ve never been to a TNA show but I’d heard their lighting is atrocious compared to even the shadiest of indy shows… anyone have any truth to this as it might confirm my suspicion about the camera angle making Shera whiter than Al Snow

  59. Jon Milne says:

    For the life of me, I seriously do not understand why the Royal Rumble 2015 match did not appear on here, especially since the match WrestleCrap decided to include as a nomination a match that, even in spite of the silly run-ins and the result, was still in terms of fan reception comparatively the Return of the Jedi compared to the Royal Rumble 2015 match’s Phantom Menace. Nothing else on the list got quite so much negative reactions from fans in and out of the arena as the shambles that was the Rumble.

    That said, Reigns doesn’t get my vote, because throughout the year, he slowly but steadily improved. And I’m more angry at the dominance of the older guys and burial of the younger up-and-comers, as well as the stupid elimination of Bryan, in that match than I am about Reigns ending up getting Wrestlemania shot.

    I cannot vote for the Divas Revolution either. Post Nikki Bella losing the title, there have been reasons that I’d feel compelled to watch the women wrestling on RAW. Charlotte as a heel is getting compelling, Becky Lynch’s push feels pretty damn good, and Natalya and Paige, who are still demonstrably immensely talented, are waiting in the wings. Yes, the mistreatment of Sasha Banks is disheartening after the NXT awesomeness, but her time is coming and I feel compelled to keep tuning in to see what happens.

    The Sting vs Triple H match comes close. It’s the sort of thing I’d imagine featuring as content in a Death of WCW re-release or in the future Death of TNA book. However, even despite this, I still felt pretty damn excited when Sting returned for a Seth Rollins feud.

    No, to me, the real Gooker winner has to be the Lana/Rusev/Ziggler love triangle, because of all the wrestlers featured in this list, there is not a more disheartening story about how far such highly promising talents at the start of 2015 ended up falling. Rusev was a badass undefeated monster heel, and Ziggler had been the sole-survivor in the match that was SUPPOSED to have ended the Authority. And yet fast-forward through some demeaning booking later (not helped by both men being in feuds associated with John Cena), and we get this utter trash of an angle, and the worst part is that this was NEVER going to get any better, and the only thing that mercifully killed it off was TMZ breaking news of Rusev and Lana’s real life engagement. THIS deserves the Gooker above everything else.

  60. M. Walsh says:

    Voted for the Divas Revolution.
    There might have been objectively worse, but no other angle/storyline has infuriated me this past year as this has.

    It was doomed from the start because WWE decided Nikki Bella would surpass AJ’s title reign NO MATTER WHAT as early as May. It isn’t even about liking or hating the Bellas, or who deserves to have the record, keeping the belt on Nikki that long involved some abysmal booking that damaged pretty much everyone involved.

    Where to even start..?
    – Stephanie McMahon “starting” the Revolution…heel Stephanie who, in kayfabe, is supposed to be buddies with the Bella twins
    – completely failing to capitalize on Sasha Banks’ momentum
    – forcing Charlotte into a bland babyface role, then realizing far too late she’s better as a heel
    – speaking of which, nonsensical heel/face turns from pretty much everyone
    – an endless string of meaningless tag matches and 50/50 booking
    – doing nothing with Becky Lynch
    – hoping we wouldn’t notice Nikki Bella just stopped defending the title between July and September
    – and pretty much everything done to Paige since May; booking her in a feud she wasn’t allowed to win, robbing her of starting the Revolution because Steph wanted the credit…giving her a losing streak, turning her heel, then having her lose some more…and to cap it off, humiliating her at the Slammy’s, spitting in the face of the fans that wanted her to win

    • Guest says:

      Paige works better as a heel……but only if she actually wins most of the time.

    • Mister Forth says:

      To ad to the first point, after the angle started going straight downhill, Steph took her name off of it. Now they act like Paige started it.

  61. James says:

    “But hey, that’s what happens when you have a company like WWE who is seemingly desperate to get even the most borderline celebrity involved with their product.”

    Twice Oscars host, 22 time Emmy winner and most important figure in satire of the last twenty years or so Jon Stewart is a “borderline celebrity”? What would he have had to have done to attain actual fame in your eyes?

    • Mister Pink says:

      Ummm…South Park is the best satire of thd last 20 years.

    • Guest says:

      Something besides host the Oscars which no one watches specifically for the host and doing more besides hosting the daily show which he has actually done but isn’t really brought up that often.

  62. Krapper Ace says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Adam Rose’s new character has a striking resemblance to Pootie Tang?

  63. Hulk6785 says:

    We might have another year with two winners as The Diva’s Revolution and the Rusev/Lana/Ziggler Love Triangle are tied at 21%.

  64. Ben says:

    Only one winner in my mind. The Divas Revolution angle was totally garbage. They where all faceless and bland and didn’t make me care about anything they did. Pagie looks like a raccoon, Becky dress like a pirate and I can’t understand a thing either one says.

    • Philip says:

      Becky and Paige speak perfectly comprehensible English. You should try listening to someone speaking with a heavy Glaswegian accent…

    • Dr.Gonzo says:

      Yessiree bob I tell you whut, all them thar foreigners from england speaking english best hush they mouth and start talkin some real ol timey english like us mericans, yeeehaw!

  65. Kev says:

    Meh. Shera’s just ripping off The Osirian Portal. Anyway, I voted for the Divas Revolution, mainly because TNA’s entire year wasn’t nominated.

  66. Ryan Smith says:

    My vote is going toward the Divas “Revolution”; what could have been a renaissance (sp??) in women’s wrestling and WWE interest in general turned out as a rehash of the Gang Warz of the late 90s.

  67. Jimbolian says:

    I feel silly, I went with the Throw Mickie from the Train angle (cute reference!) but then I realized besides the 3 people who actually has Destination America and seen it, no one else did.

  68. JimbobJones says:

    Why don’t we combine them all, and make a special 2016 entry “2016: The TNAifying of WWE”?

    • Nael says:

      I’m all for that. Really, the WWE in 2016 as a whole deserves the Gooker simply for the entire company being booked around what Vince, Stephanie and HHH wanted, fan reaction be damned.

      • Nael says:

        I meant to type 2015 there. Bah.

        • JimbobJones says:

          So did I 🙂 I just realized I was all screwed up by the new year.

          I can accept the Ziggler thing as a stupid stand-alone angle, but the Divas Devolution, the Authority Year 63, Sting, Reigns, and Kane all feel like they’re part and parcel of the same “screw you, fans!” crap that WWE has been pulling for the last few years.

          It feels like it should be more a giant uber-Gooker like the “New Monday Night War” or “The Invasion”. rather than trying to segment each of these things into their own individual angles.

  69. gutterhippo says:

    Just a thought on how to reduce the voting shenanigans from last year: I wonder if it would deter a ballot-stuffer (read: ‘loser’) if they couldn’t see the results in progress. Is there a way to reserve the “view results” link for admin only?

  70. Tommy B Rude says:

    I can’t believe Sting being brought in just to be another completely unnecessary feather in HHH’s cap isn’t getting more votes.

    • Idi 'Big Daddy' Amin says:

      That’s because WWE killed his stock to such an extent, people just don’t think about him any more.

  71. Dick Dastardly says:

    I miss when the Gooker was awarded to actual crap, not just a disappointing build (Divas Revolution), a boring retread (Authority), a talented guy who has just been booked poorly (Reigns), harmless celeb appearances that actually made sense (Stewart), a harmless minute segment (Rosebush), or whining because someone they didn’t like went over in a match (Triple H vs. Sting).

    The Storm/Mickie angle had attempted murder where the commentators no sold the attempted murder.

    This just feels like “Let’s find out what the internet whined about this year and let people decided what got their panties in a bunch the most.”

    • Adam says:

      Or that was just a “par for pro wrestling” segment everyone’s seen before. If this got in, you’d have to nominate every Casket/Buried Alive/Inferno match for having the loser return with zero ceremony.

      It’d probably also help if anyone still watched TNA to have actually seen it, instead of hearing second-hand “oh, they wrote Mickie out of the company with another dumb angle” gossip on a site.

    • John Q Occupier says:

      “Let’s find out what the internet whined about this year and let people decided what got their panties in a bunch the most.”

      I’ve been noticing this more and more the last couple of years- glad it wasn’t just me…

  72. George says:

    Was the Mickie thing a ripoff of House of Cards when Frank tossed that chick in front of the train?

  73. Barry says:

    I voted for Sting at Mania. It felt like the Invasion all over again. WWE good – WCW bad. 15 years on, I remember watching that and tweeting “Yes Vince, you won, get over it”.

  74. Zachary W says:

    Honestly, I have to say Sting was the worst moment. The match itself wasn’t that bad, but the commentary definitely pissed me off. It should have been a magical moment, but instead we got the announcers going on and on, crapping on Sting the entire way. Really juvenile, to be honest.

  75. Joe Jackson says:

    I went with the Divas Revolution. Roman gets flack for his promos but at least he is a good enough wredtler that I won’t cringe when I’m watching him wrestle. The love triangle was stupid but at least ended quickly (plus Rusev and Ziggler had underrated ring chemistry)

    While those can bring doen wrestlers, the revolution brought down a whole division.

    It just kept going on and on and was not believable after the initial Raw. It became a joke with three awful stables (special mention goes to BAD which buried three talented wrestlers into oblivion) Nikki Bella dominated, Becky Lynch only got devent coverage recently and Sasha Banks is now a joke. Other wrestlers like Natalya, Naomi and a by now improved Cameron were forgotten.

    The matches did not even improve all that much. It’s still thr 5 minute bathroom break style we are used to. Remember how excited prople got for Sasha Banks vs Charlotte? No more…

    The Divas revolution was not just bad, it was humiliating. It is humiliating for all the women wrestlers, humiliating for WWE to think it’s acceptable and humiliating for fans. The revolution pissed me off where as for Roman I could get a laugh out of how bad his promos got and with Rusev and Ziggler they had chemistry.

    I am willing to say the Divas revolution is the worst thing to happen to the division since Eva Marie.

  76. WrestlemeElmo says:

    I don’t get all the hate on the Stingers match, I thought the match in its entirety was amazing, sure the underline reason he lost was ridiculous but is the WWE going to push a 50+ superstar?? It was a walk down memory lane and I enjoyed it.


  77. John C says:

    And the most valuable lesson to take away from this is, when given a choice over poop or a turd we all get it in the end.

  78. Ryan Smith says:

    I agree with the love triangle winning out over the Divas Revolution. We have to remember that 3 of these 4 superstars were a few of the most popular superstars before the angle, Ziggler, Rusev and even Lana had lots of potential. Both men were being cheered over Reigns in the 2015 Rumble match and Rusev was near indestructible until running full speed into the Cena wall at Mania. Plus, HE SHOWED UP IN A FREAKIN’ TANK!!!

  79. Mister Forth says:

    Someone on here referred to this as From Bulgaria with Love. That needs to be the subtitle.

  80. 80's Guy says:

    Ridiculous. People on here cannot see the big picture. The Authority garbage is also responsible for all the other crap, because of the massive egos of the people involved.

    As if you needed more proof, the Royal Rumble result is the perfect exhibit. I’ll bet a lot of people would have changed their vote had the poll happened after last night as opposed to before, and the Gooker this year would the the Authority/HHH’s massive f’n ego.

    It’s gotten beyond pathetic how he’s trying to puff him up into something he’s not and never has been. Trying to force feed a legacy based on extreme professional jealousy.

    Thanks for voting for a couple of surface scratches while the main injury is well beneath the surface.

  81. the14thListener says:

    I vote the Gooker as something terrible that happened mostly on screen and mostly in a given year. The Authority/Moar McMahon-Helmsley is a multi-year problem with substantial off-screen roots. t’s also boring to be able to vote for it nearly every year, it’s like Michael Jordan or LeBron James as NBA MVP.

  82. KatieVictoriasSecret says:

    Gotta agree with the choice here, but I hope the Mickie James and Sting options get inducted down the line.

  83. Down With OPC says:

    All right! I like it when a goofy nominee wins, rather than a depressing one (like the Eddie Guerrero gooker)

  84. Jim says:

    Can’t disagree with either winner, though I still think the 2015 Rumble match deserves an induction (and might have been a contender had it not been lumped in with Reigns).

  85. CF says:

    It is a sad comment on the condition of the industry when the most-watchable pro wrestling program is being made by the same guy who brought the world _Survivor_….

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