Classic Induction: Stalker DDP – Well, He Was Better than Barry Windham

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WWF, 2001

I’ve covered in the past what a disaster the InVasion storyline was, not only on this site (as the “lost” 2001 Gooker Award winner) but in depth as the epilogue in The Death of WCW. Every single thing the WWF could have done wrong with that storyline…they did. And the saddest part is that it wasn’t even bad in a comical way. It was just annoying and grating on the nerves to watch them absolutely implode the dream feud week after week.

In fact, if you ever wanted to see just why that thing was such a disaster, look no further than the WWF career of one “Diamond” Dallas Page. While other so-called pro wrestling “experts” may not have any respect for DDP, good ol’ RD Reynolds actually has a great deal of respect for the guy. He busted his ass for years in an attempt to make himself into a good worker, and for my money, he did just that. In addition to being very good in the ring, he also excelled in his storylines – no matter how dumb they were, he put everything into them and did his best to make them work. Those who blast the guy say he only became champion due to his friendship with Eric Bischoff. While that may (or may not) be true, their friendship had nothing to do with DDP’s improvement as a performer. By the end of his run in WCW, he was one of the few guys I still had an interest in watching.

And when he showed up in the WWF…well, I had an interest in watching him then, too. But it wasn’t for his matches; it was with an eye towards a future induction. Seriously, it was almost as if the booking crew there were obsessed with burying the poor guy. A guy, I might add, who was willing to give up hundreds of thousands of dollars, taking a buyout of his WCW contract (which Time Warner had to pay in full), just so that he could be involved in what promised to be a historic storyline.

So it pretty much goes without saying that Page loved the business. When you are willing to give up cash out of pocket, just to be involved in a storyline…that says something. But had he known the way it would have all played out, I somehow doubt he’d have been so anxious to give up those easy paydays sitting on his couch.

Let’s start at the beginning. During the summer of 2001, a mysterious figure began stalking the Undertaker’s wife, Sara.

Stop. Wait.

The Undertaker, who we’d been lead to believe was some sorta zombie for all these years, had a wife? I guess there really is someone out there for everyone.

Anyway, Sara Undertaker (presuming that “The” is actually The Undertaker’s first name; just change that to Sara Taker if you feel that “Under” is his actual surname) was getting watched by this masked pervert, and obviously, that didn’t set too well with her undead biker hubby. Taker, naturally, was livid that some wacko Peeping Tom was watching through the bushes while his wife was in the shower. Instead of perhaps taking a logical action, like calling the cops (or better yet, putting up some CURTAINS), Taker made it his goal to hunt down and destroy the creep.

After weeks of footage airing on WWF TV of the stalker oogling Sara, the masked man revealed himself to the world as none other than “Diamond” Dallas Page. When he pulled of the hood, the crowd went absolutely insane. Here was this huge WCW star, and here he was making a mockery of the WWF’s finest! The feud was on!

So yeah, maybe it wasn’t the greatest way for him to make his debut. Seriously, a STALKER? Yeah, that’s kinda dumb. But the really idiotic thing is that everyone knew DDP had a smokin’ hot dish waiting for him at home in the form of his wife, Kimberly.


Which of those two would YOU choose? If I had Kim Page hanging out with me, ain’t no way I’m wasting my time hanging out hoping to catch a glimpse of ol’ lady horseface’s poontang.

But Page did…and oh how he loved Sara, no doubt fantasizing for her to lift the tail. Page’s obsession with Lady Taker was legendary, to the point that he’d construct shrines to her, with pictures, candles, the whole nine yards. Once he even did a panty raid while the Takers were out, swiping one of Sara’s bras, in a move we have no doubt that would have filled Long Duc Dong with pride.

Revenge of the Nerds/Sixteen Candles escapades aside, there was actually one far larger issue with this feud. And that was the fact that it was completely lopsided. Taker pummeled Page in their first meeting, and then continued to do so for the next three months. If the poor guy got even a half-dozen offensive moves in in that entire time, I’d be stunned. It was the single most one-sided feud in history.

And just when Taker got tired of beating on the guy, well, someone else decided it was their turn to beat the tar out of him:

That’s right – Sara herself! Yes, amazingly enough, the feud didn’t end with Taker polishing off poor ol’ DDP, but with Sara pinning the poor sap for a three count.

As for Page, you’d think that little encounter would have been enough to do him in. But no…it just lead to him re-evaluating himself, and deciding that horrific beatdown wasn’t a bad thing…it was a good thing.

But that, dear Crappers, is a story for another day.

In the meantime, if you want to know what the real DDP is up to, might we suggest heading over to his website, where he is currently promoting his latest venture, YRG (Yoga for Regular Guys).

If that shot’s indicative of his workouts, well…we’d be smiling too!

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14 Responses to "Classic Induction: Stalker DDP – Well, He Was Better than Barry Windham"
  1. patricko says:

    I recall this angle, and being completely mystified as to why they’d bring in DDP in such a manner. Sara getting the duke really made it about as bad as it could possibly be.
    And while I wasn’t a fan of it, I wasn’t a fan because of the basic flaw in the logic of the angle, more so than the fact that it wasn’t a very interesting feud, physically.

    Ohhh…. Someone’s peeping in windows…… with a WWE camera crew.
    But we don’t know who it is, because it’s a mystery…. Except the WWE camera crew might have some idea….
    Ohhh…. Someone’s laying on the undertaker’s bed….
    A – which is a perfectly normal looking bed in pristinely clean house… not very deadman-y
    B – with a WWE camera crew………
    Any time you take the feud into someone’s house, or just outside of the confines of the ring or arena, you cross line from wrestling, into “call the f*cking police already” land.
    (I recall Christian getting beat up in his “home” by… Abyss maybe (?) with James Mitchell, on TNA a few years ago. That becomes felonious assault, and it’s on national TV, so pretty clearly you have enough evidence to pursue it…..)

  2. bret_owen99 says:

    When this started, it started with the ‘reveal’ of DDP being the stalker, then basically saying he wanted the Undertaker to “make him famous”. I thought the Stalking nonsense would stop there, but when it continued, I knew they were just burying DDP instead of giving him a chance. First he was Takers punching bag, then Sara’s. It was truly a sad day for WCW fans. What could have been a good feud: DDP vs Taker (without all the stalking nonsense) turned into just another nonsensical WWE storyline.

  3. TMS says:

    My friends and I had the exact same reaction you did when it was revealed that DDP was the stalker. “But… but… he’s married to f**kin’ KIMBERLY!”

  4. Raven7309 says:

    Maybe if he had worn camoflauge make-up like Barry Windham, I could’ve accepted it.
    Who am I kidding?!! He was married to freakin’ “KIMBERLY!!!” for cryin’ out loud!!

  5. Thomas Moffatt says:

    I actually liked DDP’s motivational character which followed the stalker angle – maybe because after this it seemed more than tolerable

  6. Mr. Glen says:

    It’s repetitive but my initial reaction to the stalker angle wasn’t overly negative. To be honest, when he revealed his motivations for stalking Sara, it made sense. They didn’t play up the fact that he was ‘obsessed’ with her, it was all about getting in Taker’s head. However, as stated before, when they continued on with the stalker BS, it buried Page six feet below the earth. In fact, I don’t believe Page and Taker had a sanctioned one on one match. It was just Taker kicking Page’s ass.

    • Arcane Azmadi says:

      Yeah, the bit where DDP unmasked himself as the Stalker was, and still is, FANTASTIC. He rides to the ring on a bike just like Taker’s (he was in his ‘American Badass’ phase, which is why it was OK for him to have a wife… I guess…), climbs into the ring to a storm of boos, rips off his balaclava and the crowd goes MENTAL! Then he cuts that AWESOME promo on Taker, explaining how it’s all about getting into Taker’s head and messing with him because beating Taker, the “biggest dog in the yard”, is the first step on getting to the top of WWF, and turns around Taker’s threat to “make [the stalker] famous” by shouting out “MAKE! ME! FAMOUS!” and it’s fantastic. This looked like a feud we’d REALLY want to see!

      But then, since this was the fucking inVasion, the writers dumped the whole “getting into Taker’s head” angle because that actually made SENSE and make DDP look like a devious and brilliant mastermind rather than a pathetic loser, which was the entire point of the fucking angle (and the inVasion for that matter) and it all went downhill from there until it ended up, well, right here. Fucking sad.

  7. Kakeroat says:

    No wonder sting prefered tna over wwe!!!

    • Guest says:

      Yeah he chose to go to a perpetually dying company that constantly makes him the center of attention over younger fresh talent.

  8. Felicity says:

    The thing that bugged me about this angle was that if you listened carefully to the voice of the mysterious stalker in his videos, it was a pitch-shifted Vince McMahon, which led me to believe that the stalker would be revealed to be Vince McMahon and those of us who were savvy enough to recognise his voice would feel clever. When it was revealed to be DDP, I was left wondering how DDP got Vince McMahon to do those voiceovers. Were they in on it together? Or is this all just nonsense that punishes you for thinking about it?

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