It Came From YouTube: Yokozuna eats for our amusement

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From a Coliseum Home Video feature, Yokozuna eats…

and eats…

and eats some more!

These segments just go on and on.

I guess they thought that by showing him bulking up, it makes him seem more dangerous (?). I don’t really know… Mostly; this segment just makes me crave delicious Japanese food.

The segment is called “Cooking For The Single Man” but they don’t actually  show any cooking techniques.

They just show Yokozuna being served food, and Yokozuna eating the food. Lather, Rinse, and Repeat for 12 minutes total throughout the tape.

Ironically (or maybe not) he was released from the WWF a few years later  because they had wanted him to lose weight and he wouldn’t (or couldn’t?) do it.

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