It Came From YouTube: WWF Raw for Sega 32X has exciting exclusives!

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None other than Martial Arts Master Kwang (!) appears as the final boss in the Sega 32X version of the WWF Raw video game.

He’s exclusive to this version of the game.

If I may quote Scott Keith from his Royal Rumble 1994 rant:

What’s the sound of 300 pounds of crap hitting the fan?


Notice Todd Pettengill’s short-lived WWF Mania Co-Host Stephanie Wiand (?!) sitting at the commentary booth next to Gorilla Monsoon?

She’s also exclusive to this version of the game.

Kwang and Stephanie Wiand- with exclusives like that, can you believe the Sega 32X was a total failure?

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36 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: WWF Raw for Sega 32X has exciting exclusives!"
  1. Andre R. says:

    I played the Genesis version of WWF Raw all the time back in the day. I never owned the 32X, so I never knew that about it’s version. I did have a Sega CD (and yes, it did actually have a few good games) but I never played WWF Rage In The Cage. Oh well!

  2. John says:

    It’s pretty sad when I fast forward over most things on Raw now but I was totally compelled to watch this for the finish. It would be awesome for someone to put the “uhh uhh” sound effects on the video to the infamous Yeti dry humping of the Hulkster.(brother) I also thought it was very nice of Dr. Zahorian to leave his special medical kit on the floor for the boys to use.

  3. "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

    It turns out you can play as Kwang! From the cheat section for the game: Press Down + A + B at wrestler select screen to play as Kwang. A whistle should confirm code entry and Kwang will be selectable between Owen Hart & Luna Vachon.

  4. Bone White says:

    I particularly like the bit where Kwang kicks Lex over the top rope like a football – now there’s a move that needs to make a comeback

  5. drunkenmaster says:

    You sure it’s Kwang, and not Paul Diamond from the Orient Express or one of the Road Warriors in a black mask? Kwang looks too muscular…

  6. Jimbolian says:

    Hmmm…judging by the pink turnbuckles and Stephanie Wiand (!?!) on the commentary table with Gorilla Monsoon (?!!!!!?), looks like WWF didn’t need to wait 15 years for Susan G. Komen Foundation to raise awareness for breast cancer research.

  7. James S says:

    So why was it decided that Kwang would be the final boss?

  8. Peter says:

    That video game version of Kwang looks 10 times more badass than real Kwang.

  9. Walt says:

    Wow, the color scheme for that ring looked awful. Who was the guy next to Wiand? Just saw another clip of the 32X game and I saw Lawler, did they program multiple commentators to be in the background?

    I was a SNES kid, so Royal Rumble will always be a favorite. Nothing will ever beat the ultimate wrestling experience of Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium and Fire Pro Wrestling Returns.

    • Jay "The Brain" Mann says:

      That’s supposed to be Gorilla Monsoon, believe it or not.

      Now, how they got Stephanie Wiand in the game when she had left WWF by the time the game came out, I don’t know. I’m a little disappointed that Johnny Polo didn’t make it…

  10. The Doctor of Style says:

    Was this Gorilla Monsoon’s only video game appearance?

    • Walt says:

      That was supposed to be Monsoon? Graphically that was a real miscarriage of justice…

    • Jay "The Brain" Mann says:

      No, he was also in MicroLeague Wrestling, which was the first WWF “game” and it had match-specific commentary. However, since there were only a few matches you could have in the game, all pre-chosen, I can see how. 😛

  11. The Doctor of Style says:

    Some weird stuff going on in that 32X version. A generic theme instead of the Monday Night Raw theme. The Narcissist on the title screen. The above-mentioned pink color scheme…and I like how the front row has a bunch of empty chairs! Was Acclaim trying to say something about the WWF?

  12. Anonymous says:

    “Hey, let’s take an already mediocre game and make it even worse via the most pointless additions we can possibly think of! That’s be a huge hit for sure!”

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      Raw was actually the best of the “16-bit trilogy” (Super WrestleMania and Royal Rumble being the other two). I’d hardly call it mediocre. Super WrestleMania? Now that was mediocre.

      • Walt says:

        I respectfully disagree. I think Royal Rumble was the best of the three. The SNES of Rumble version had a better roster than RAW. RAW didn’t have enough depth to avoid having Luna in the game. No hate or disrespect on Luna as she was a good women’s wrestler unlike the hookers in today’s landscape. I just don’t remember her having epic battles with Taker or Hart. I remember her having a mixed tag with Bam Bam, Doink and Dink.

        Also, two things about RAW that really irked me. The first was those cheesy super moves. The second was the fact that Royal Rumble had the WWF Heavyweight and Tag Titles but RAW didn’t have a belt!

        • drunkenmaster says:

          Well, I still liked Raw better over Royal Rumble because the gameplay felt a little bit more polished. I liked both games, but I found Raw to be the best of the 16 bit era. (Hey, we should refer to the “New Generation” as the “16-bit Era”.)

          • Walt says:

            I will admit having different moves for characters was a good step. If I remember correctly Owen did a font face suplex and some of them did chokeslams while others did a jumping Samoan Drop. Being able to use the bucket repeatedly was nice and the ref leaving the ring when he took too much abuse was funny. Also, having wins by submission was good. Yet somehow, looking at Made in USA Luger, Luna, Doink and 1-2-3 Kid and comparing that to Mr Perfect, Ric Flair, Ted DiBiase and Randy Savage…RAW didn’t quite measure up for me. Plus the lack of title belts really annoyed me. When playing Royal Rumble, I used to love see Flair standing in the ring with Finkel holding the WWF in the air. That fireworks display seemed cheap by comparison.

            But I can see how RAW is favored by many, it was a good game. But any WWF title sucks compared to Fire Pro.

      • Anonymous says:

        No way. Royal Rumble was the best of the bunch, hands down.

  13. Mr Maddog says:

    Spoiler: Stephanie Wiand is Kwang’s final form.

  14. Ian "The Voice" Jenkins says:

    Who made Okerlund the referee!?

  15. Drew says:

    Raw for the Genesis had the real Raw TV show theme.

    Why didn’t the 32X?

  16. Vince B says:

    So Adam Bomb wasn’t actually in a video game…but Kwang was?

    Well…could have been worse. The Godwinns and Duke Droese don’t have any video game appearances.

    • Jimbolian says:

      Unless you count Mideon (thankfully not the nude version).

    • Doc 902714 says:

      Hold on to your controllers., As announced last night on RAW with the unveiling of the new WWE 2K16 video game (due in October) with Stone Cold Steve Austin on the cover this game promises to have the most stacked WWE Roster of all time. So for those of you holding out for hope in finally seeing Adam Bomb or Duke the Dumpster Droese or The Godwinns on a video game, you may have your wish. Personally, I’m looking forward to playing as Big Bertha Faye.

      • Vince B says:

        Adam Bomb would look like Shawn Michaels next to the likes of Gangrel (though I do love his theme) or Glacier.

  17. Reidah says:

    Because of this I just spent about two hours watching Angry Video Game Nerd videos.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      “Giant mushroom-shaped piece of shit” describes the 32X perfectly. 🙂

  18. AK says:

    Lex Luger throwing drop kicks? That’s a pretty lame finish to the match if you ask me. The few stomps before making the cover didn’t really add anything for me.

    I have the SNES version and still very much enjoy it.

    What would have made the 32x version infinitely times better is if they made Stephanie Wiand a playable character. They already have Luna Vachon so that would make for some exciting pre-Diva classic bouts.

    I do wonder what Wiand’s finishing maneuver would be. I open the Wrestlecrap floor er..thread for suggestions.

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