It Came From YouTube: WWF Hasbro figure commercials

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Crapper Justin Cook writes:

The Roddy Piper WWF Hasbro fig commercials reminded me of these other WWF Hasbro fig commercials from 1990, 1992, and 1993.
I always loved these commercials.

Oh yeah, these are great! I loved these figures. Thanks, Justin!

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8 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: WWF Hasbro figure commercials"
  1. The Wrecker says:

    Wait….. VIRGIL had his own action figure?

  2. Matt says:

    Oh my god… talk about a blast from the past! I used to have at least 50 of these things when I was a kid! I used to get them in the ring and have Royal Rumbles with them. I’d make paper slips with their names on them, draw them out of a hat, and put them in order in the ring and everything.

    I had a lot of free time when I was 11/12 years old! 😉

  3. BoondyAlBoondAy says:


    I had been searching YouTube forever for that commercial … Thanks!

  4. zombie ducky says:

    sgt. can pick there noses with his finger

  5. The Doctor of Style says:

    What a flip off the ropes. Who knew that the 1993 Macho Man figure created the 90s luchador craze…

  6. 80's Guy says:

    Continuing my Lord Alfred Hayes day, it was nice hearing “promotional consideration paid for by the following” in that last clip. Ah, the memories.

    Now I just have to go listen to some Monsoon/Heenan commentary. “Oh, will you stop!” “It’s pandemonium in the Garden!” “The immovable object meets the irresistible force”. Yeah, here I come, YouTube…

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