It Came From YouTube: WWF Greetings On Call (Paul Bearer sings!)

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Oh, this is a good one! From 1995 I present the WWF’s “Greetings On Call”! How cool would it be to get a special birthday message from Razor Ramon? Or The Undertaker? Lex Luger singing is just priceless! He would’ve made for a great lounge singer if the whole “Being a patriotic American” thing didn’t work out for him (and I guess in a way, it didn’t…).

There were other message options other than just “Happy Birthday” as well, so you could wish your wife “Happy Anniversary” with Bret Hart, or Congratulate your best friend on winning the Foosball Championship with The Macho Man Randy Savage! The possibilities are nearly endless!

Here’s a second commercial for it with more hilarity.

But I’ve saved the best for last…

Click here to hear The Undertaker and Paul Bearer’s message including Paul singing “Happy  Birthday”! He really gets into it! He sounds like he was having a lot of fun recording it.

I just love oddball, kitschy stuff like this from the WWF’s mid-90′s “bad period”, don’t you? This is even better than “Wrestlemania: The Album”!

I guess PPV buys must have been really low and they were forced to get creative in finding ways to get our money. Unfortunately; I don’t think it lasted more than a couple of months before they shut it down. Maybe the world of 1995 just wasn’t ready for such an awesome concept.

Did any of you actually call or use this service? Leave a comment below with your story! I’d love to hear about it.


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6 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: WWF Greetings On Call (Paul Bearer sings!)"
  1. Adam Cota says:

    Thanks Mr. Kraft, I didn’t have enough trouble sleeping at night, but with Paul Bearer’s stirring performance (not that any of them were Grammy-worthy), I’m guaranteed at least five more months of insomnia! YAY!

  2. Christian R. Bauman says:

    I wish we could’ve had The Big Bossman call to tell them their daddy died…

  3. DeweyDTruman says:

    That video of Paul Bearer singing happy birthday just made my week, easily.

  4. Bob Taco says:

    You probably still could get Scott Hall to leave a personalized message for that price.

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