It Came From YouTube: WWE 12 video game glitch of the year

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Crapper Sean writes:

I actually wanted to promote a fun group of guys who post under the moniker of “newLEGACYinc” on youtube and twitch. They play various video games such as the WWE games like 12 and 13, although they also do plenty of non-wrestling related gaming and videos as well Most of the humor comes from the over-the-top and hilarious commentary and reactions to various events like glitches and fan made characters and stories.

Here’s a ladder match they played about a year ago on WWE 12 with epic and laugh-tastic results.

and if your interested, here’s a link to their page where they post most of their material before posting on youtube:

Sounds like they’re having a blast! Thanks, Sean!

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8 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: WWE 12 video game glitch of the year"
  1. Tyson says:

    Great video, watched all 20+ minutes of it and my face went numb from laughing too hard

  2. BigJerichool222 says:

    Oh boy, we made it onto the Crap. 🙂

  3. Adam Cota says:

    lmao Oh no, not this again!

  4. Adam Cota says:

    By the way, you should also check out their sister channel, Hogan VS Flair; great stuff on there as well!

  5. That Don Guy says:

    WWE 12, now with Bonus Content: a Prince of Darkness match

  6. StevilFTW says:

    Funny thing is, the exact same glitch carried over into WWE 13. Happened to me numerous times.

  7. Jarvis Cash says:

    That was fucking hillarious.

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