It Came From YouTube: Umaga Vs. Kamala in a colossal canibal confrontation!

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Crapper (and moderator) Agent P. posted this in The Craphole and of course I had to share.

It’s Umaga Vs. Kamala (ooh, they rhyme!) from Raw in June of 2006.

Yes, this actually happened for reasons which are beyond my understanding.

Um… It’s a really bad match (like you needed me to tell you that?).

I’d rather listen to Kamala sing than ever watch him wrestle.

As a bonus, we ended up with a depressing end for both wrestlers’ careers.

Seven years later; Umaga is dead, and Kamala had to have his legs amputated forcing him into retirement.

You know me- glad to bring the HA-HA and merriment into your lives, Crappers!

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4 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Umaga Vs. Kamala in a colossal canibal confrontation!"
  1. Big wiggle says:

    Damn that umaga, whyd he have to put his hands on kim-she

  2. Alan says:

    They had a brief confrontation the previous night at Vengeance where Umaga and Kamala had a stare down. Eugene was wrestling Umaga and brought Kamala, Jim Duggan, and Doink along with him. That lead to this match the next night on Raw.

  3. RhinestoneCowboy says:

    I wonder if Umaga had to push it or pull it

  4. Jimbolian says:

    Wow, I must’ve not been watching WWE at the time because this is something I would definitely remember with its reek of Wrestlecrap.

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