It Came From YouTube: Thunder In Paradise commercial (with voodoo!)

1 Submitted by on Sun, 02 June 2013, 22:29

Crapper Paul S. submitted this commercial for Thunder In Paradise and writes:

Words fail me…

Ooo… a voodoo plot!

I hope Papa Shango makes a special guest appearance…

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1 Response to "It Came From YouTube: Thunder In Paradise commercial (with voodoo!)"
  1. Paul R. from says:

    Hey, WWOR channel 9. That’s a local station in my neck of the woods. Cool!

    Note the text mention of “Time Trax” at the end, as airing after Thunder In Paradise. I used to love that show. I still remember that the lead character was named Darrian Lambert, and he was played by Dale Midkiff. I didn’t even have too look that up :-)

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