It Came From YouTube: The Undertaker Vs. Nailz- the feud that almost was

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Following the end of his feud with The Big Bossman, Nailz needed something new to do in the WWF (May I ask “Why?”…  His initial issue with The Big Bossman was resolved… Why pick a fight with the undead zombie? Oh well.).

The Undertaker and Nailz had a confrontation (for reasons that were never really explained) on WWF Superstars in late October of 1992.

It even made the cover of the January 1993 issue of WWE Magazine (Nailz was gone from the company by the time the magazine hit newsstands):

WWF Magazine January 1993 Nailz Undertaker

The two had a series of house show matches

All this was supposed to lead to a TV feud and a rumored “Electric Chair” match on a Pay-Per-View but Nailz was fired for (allegedly) assaulting Vince McMahon over pay issues before it could really get started.

“I’m sure those would have been some choketastic matches”. -Joe Gagne on the Joe Vs. The World “WWF 1992″ Year-In-Review podcast.

No doubt about it…

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  1. Alan says:

    I still have that magazine actually. I didn’t know an “Electric Chair” match was planned. Obviously, no one in the WWF saw the WCW Chamber of Horrors when Abdullah The Butcher was “electrocuted” & how cheesy it looked. Good thing Nailz got fired or we’d had to have suffered through the WWF’s version of the Chamber of Horrors.

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