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9 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Spoony reviews The VCR WrestleMania Board Game"
  1. ScMcS says:

    I know what I’m going to be watching in about 10-seconds…

  2. Sir Thomas says:

    Sad thing is I actually know someone who owns a copy of this boardgame. We played, like, one round back when he had a working VCR, and that was it. As far as I was concerned, that was enough.

  3. Time Lord Soundwave says:

    I voted for “The Harbingers” instead (it was the only game on the list I’ve played) because I remember the Wrestlecrap induction for the WrestleMania game and how abysmally boring it was (the game, not the induction).

    How about a repost of that induction, guys?

  4. That Don Guy says:

    At 9:30, Spooty points out the misspelling of Don Muraco’s name. I thought he always went by “Magnificent” Muraco ever since the mid-1970s. (One San Francisco sports desk jockey was convinced they were two different wrestlers.)

  5. nickety-split says:

    And once again Spoony can’t take a good idea without ruining it, i.e. using the Iron Sheik to piss off all his own fans. Fucking die already you worthless hack.

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      I thought it was pretty funny, actually. I’m sure he’s gotten a lot of complaints about some of the lamer videos and lack of updates over the past year or so.

  6. Alan says:

    I still have that game! There was also an NFL VCR game that I have as well. I could be wrong, but the WWF also had a standard board game in the 80s as well called “Wrestling Superstars”.

  7. ScMcS says:

    I LOVED the Hogan bit. “The guy who weighs the least has to go back to the midcard, ’cause I don’t job to the little dudes.”

  8. bret_owen99 says:

    I still have this game, and voted for it, because I knew how bad it was. I don’t think he realized that most of the people who voted for it knew how abysmal it was. For a recent video, someone needs to tell the Ultimate Warrior that Ryan Reynolds is no longer playing the Highlander.

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