It Came From YouTube: Sheamus appears on an irish talk show with quite a potty mouth!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all the Irish Crappers and those who are Irish in spirit!

Our own Justin Henry sent me this clip and of course I had to post it today.

Sheamus appears on The Podge And Rodge Show (an Irish talk show) back in 2006 and he has a bit of a potty mouth.

Maybe someone should put a bar of Irish Spring soap in his mouth…

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7 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Sheamus appears on an irish talk show with quite a potty mouth!"
  1. John C says:

    The LWF another group dominating Impact in the ratings. Maybe if Dixie gave out golden showers as a prize they’d be doing better. After getting the win how could Seamus pass up the opportunity to Brouge Kick the loser since he usually heroically cheap shots someone. BTW it was funny seeing Punk on Talking Dead tonight I guess when you have Sundays free you gotta do something.

  2. The Carpetbagger says:

    Maybe this gimmick would actually make Sheamus interesting

  3. Barry Eggs says:

    Arm wrestling is fake.

  4. Justin Henry says:

    When you really think about it, isn’t this the best promo Sheamus ever cut?

  5. Nick Nutter says:

    What in the bl…Green Hell is goin’ on here?

  6. Michael Stamp says:

    Your own Justin Henry had me send that to him years ago and yet I get no credit. Shame on you JH.

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