It Came From YouTube: See The Big Show’s poop problems for yourself!

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Crapper Preparation Triple H writes:

I was recently looking back at some of the WrestleCrap Classic Inductions & re-read “Big Show’s Poop Problem”, which has to be my favorite induction because – as you put it – it literally is WrestleCrap.

Anyway, I found YouTube video of that night’s excremental excitement:

Hope you enjoy!

Ah, yes! One of my favorite inductions! Thanks for reminding me of it!

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  1. John C says:

    During the course of that 9 minute video Big Show has done about 6 or 7 more babyface/heel turns. It was always great when the announcers had an uncanny ability to smell something from any distance inside of an arena. You wonder if Vince writes an autobiography someday if it will be titled, “Poop, Cheerleaders & Necrophilia: The Guide to Becoming a Billionaire”

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