It Came From YouTube: Roddy Piper’s Halloween safety tips (Or: “Watch out for Idiots Driving Cars”).

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I just couldn’t let this year’s Halloween pass without posting these timeless and practical Halloween safety tips from ol’ Hot Rod!

Plus, hear our own Blade Braxton interview Roddy and get some new and exclusive tips just for you, our loyal Crappers!

A true piece of WrestleCrap Radio history if ever there ever was one.

BONUS! Blade Braxton sings “Idiots In Cars”:

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3 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Roddy Piper’s Halloween safety tips (Or: “Watch out for Idiots Driving Cars”)."
  1. John says:

    “And I can even name aw few of the kids I got…let’s see I got Cody, Dustin, Randy, Stephaine…well I got bunches of ‘em. STAY BACK ADRIAN ADONIS’ GHOST!!!!!!!! Anyways what you aren’t gonna do is ever go near Mel Phillip’s house or anyone dressed like Tony Schiavone from that creepy Halloween Havoc video. ADRIAN STOP KNOCKING OVER ALL MY HELL COMES TO FROGTOWN DVD’S YOU JERK!!!!!!! And you stay away from the idiots in the Hovercrafts and the Segways cause splat you’ll get crushed. THAT’S IT ADRIAN YOU LEAVE THE NEW DIGITALLY REMASTERED THEY LIVE BLU-RAY’S ALONE!!!! I’m gonna call a psychic or change wives I don’t know yet. And watch out for the idiots in the bi-planes. NO, NO ADRIAN NO ECTOPLASM THERE!!!!!!!!”

  2. Sean Bateman says:

    All is missing is Blade singing Idiots In Cars

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