It Came From YouTube: Rare Crush song from WrestleMania: The Album

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Aloha, Crappers!

This is “Cold Crush”; a song that was somehow only available on the European versions of “WrestleMania: The Album”.

Oh, those lucky Europeans! I wish we Americans had been treated to this gem of a song.

“Go! Go! Go Crush!”.

I prefer “Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go!”, myself…

Audio courtesy of the Demo button on any late-80′s Casio keyboard and someone holding up a cheap tape recorder to their TV during old episodes of Raw.

“One at a time! Two at a time!”…. in bed.

(Sorry! That’s an old habit I picked up from reading fortune cookies out loud)..

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2 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Rare Crush song from WrestleMania: The Album"
  1. John says:

    That’s right kids just say no to the Kronik.
    He’d do a job one at a time..two at a time.

  2. Johnny Fountains says:

    Crush > Ninjas

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