It Came From YouTube: Randy Savage raps… with Men On A Mission!

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Crapper Adam Vanderpluym writes:

Well I said I’d send you a 1993 Luger related vid once the 4th of July came up and I’ve struck gold. Someone already sent in the sappy Lex Express music video but I got something even ‘better’. The Macho Man and Men on Mission plugging Summerslam 93 with their attempt at rap. It’s as laughably bad as it sounds. ‘Enjoy’

This absolutely made my day!

Maybe Randy was practicing for his rap album, or he was just in the mood to keep performing after his song on WrestleMania: The Album? Hmm…

Thanks for the submission, Adam!

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18 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Randy Savage raps… with Men On A Mission!"
  1. Kyle says:

    How bored does Mable look? And good god, Savage is bad

  2. RD Reynolds says:


  3. Quincy Hughes says:

    So I gotta ask, and I’m not including Savage here…who rapped worse? M.o.M. or P.N. News?

  4. Muta Mark says:

    Rappin’ Randy AND the Lex Express to get him over?!?
    How did Luger NOT become WWF champion??!!??

  5. Justin Cook says:

    I still prefer this over today’s obscene, violent, female demeaning rap music.

  6. Muta Mark says:

    Oh and LOVE Gorilla and JR with their matching ties!

  7. Paul says:

    This is my jam.

  8. kenpantera says:

    wow, how is it that Savage, the creator of one of the worst rap albums in the history of ever, is still the better rapper than the guys with the rap gimmick? That’s beautiful.

  9. BaltoJim says:

    Didn’t need to see Yokozuna bending over… ACK!!!

  10. John says:

    My ears are bleeding. Who do you suppose wrote the lyrics for this beauty? I’d say since she’s on everyone’s hitlist again let’s go with Stephaine. Maybe Randy botching her great rhymes caused the big fallout with him and Vince.

  11. Bone White says:

    Only bearable when you think of Vince “busting a move” in his MC Hammer pants

  12. AlexanAdru says:

    Man that was awful no wonder Macho bolted out of wwe as quickly as he could soon after this. I am all for putting a guy over but this was overkill.

  13. Overlord-G says:

    This song is too funny to bash.

  14. Jackwagon says:

    It seems that Macho Man shared Hogan’s sense of hyperbole regarding bodyslamming huge-ass guys.

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