It Came From YouTube: Mr. Brell Invades WWF Challenge!

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From the “Things You Never Knew You Needed” file comes this clip – No Holds Barred‘s nefarious Mr. Brell invading WWF Challenge!

Also from the same file…we now have a No Holds Barred coaster set!  Click here for all the details!

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11 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Mr. Brell Invades WWF Challenge!"
  1. Sean Bateman says:

    What kind of jockass would put up with this crap? Oh wait. It’s Gene Mean.

  2. Mav says:

    Looking back, No Holds Barred may have been the shark jump moment for the WWF. This was just never cool. I know Summerslam had a strong buyrate but doesn’t mean people didn’t begin to tune out after they saw how lame this angle was.

  3. Tom Hastings says:

    how long did Tony last in WWE, six, seven months?

    • mfm420 says:

      1 year.

      pretty much came in right after wm5, left a couple of days after wm6 (i believe he said his last day was getting the wm6 show, helping to edit it down a bit for home release, since that was one of his jobs, and had wwf been willing to let him do something like that while moving his family back to charlotte, he gladly would have done it).

  4. SchizerFrau says:

    Oh wow, I thought he died in the film. I guess it was fake.

  5. Mr. Boing says:

    I don’t care what any of you say, No Holds Barred was waaaay better than anything Cena or Rock ever made..

    Pure cinematic treasure.

    “What’s that smell??””


    — Imagine that as the Oscar winning clip

  6. Joe Levinsky says:

    WAAAAAIT.. Didn’t Mr. Brell DIE in No Holds Barred??

    Was this glaring fact overlooked or was this just the terrible half assed writing from
    creative to blame?

    • CP says:

      Lorne Michaels made a corrupt bargain to resurrect him and cast him as Rob Lowe’s stooge in Wayne’s World.

      Where he learned platonic love can exist between two grown men.

  7. Doc 902714 says:

    Maybe Vince was looking to invade the WORLD TELEVISION NETWORK or perhaps a merger.

    Kurt Fuller was also in GHOSTBUSTERS movie, for the uninitiated.

  8. KatieVictoriasSecret says:

    Woody the Coroner, no!

  9. Felicity says:

    The video is gone now 🙁

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