It Came From YouTube: Micro League Wrestling game with digital Gorilla Monsoon

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Every game needs a digital Gorilla Monsoon in it.

Not just every wrestling game, I mean every video game period.

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13 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Micro League Wrestling game with digital Gorilla Monsoon"
  1. Anonymous says:

    This looks lousy to put it mildly.

  2. Escape says:

    Will you be serious!

  3. John C says:

    “I’d like to check this guy’s credentials out for not knowing Pomp & Circumstance was the Macho Man’s or not so Macho Man’s theme song. You keep quiet Brain or I’ll have you taken out in a second.”

  4. Brad says:

    Alan Rickman critiques a terrible wrestling game, and hilarity ensues

  5. AK says:

    I had this game for the Atari ST where one disk was against Randy Savage and the other was against Paul Orndorff. To this day I still don’t know how the mechanics worked as more often then not the CPU would get the benefit of the and sooner than later, you’d lose.

    Plus once you manage to beat both guys, there was little reason to play through it again.

  6. RD Reynolds says:

    Amazing! I also had it on the ST. Glad to see another ST owner out there. 🙂

    • AK says:

      That is awesome to read RD!

      I had a friend growing up who had one so we swapped games quite a bit. He had Championship Wrestling by Epyx and I had the WWF Micro League Game. While I found Championship Wrestling more fun to play, Micro League did allow you to type in the name of the Arena so I had many 5 star classics at the Ahhhh!! my face is burning Arena.

      Another fun fact, Paul Orndorff had the Real American theme as well.

      I also remember having a nerdgasm when I saw a copy of Street Fighter 2. It was $60 and my parents sure as heck weren’t going to buy it for me. I don’t care how awful it is now but back then when the SNES version went for $100, I figured it was a steal.

      Finally, my Atari ST met its unfortunate demise on January 1, 2000. Yes, it actually got hit by the Y2K bug. It was a very sad way to start off the 21st century.

      • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

        Street Fighter II for the SNES was something like $60 or $70 (U.S) when it was brand new, but it was SO worth it! What a great port. Street Fighter II Turbo was even better. I looked up a video of the Atari ST version of Street Fighter II on YouTube and holy cow does that look terrible! It looks like it’s running at a really slow frame rate.

        • Anonymous says:

          SFII on SNES was amazing.

        • AK says:

          Up in Canada, there were certainly some obscene prices for video games back in the day. It’s kind of remarkable that NES, Genesis and SNES games went for $100. While games did go for $60-70 this was usually about half a year later when the games were no longer new.

          Some places sold games for more than the consoles themselves.

          I picked up a copy of Street Fighter 2: Turbo the other day for $15. It’s the 2nd time I had the game as I previously got it shortly after Super Street Fighter 2 came out and made Turbo irrelevant. Still fun to play but good lord the cheating AI and difficulty modifiers including taking twice as much damage as your opponents while having your attacks get progressively weaker the less health the CPU has still causes me bouts of rage.

          Oh well, small price to pay to relive my childhood over.

  7. Andre R. says:

    Will You Stop

    They’re Literally Hanging From The Rafters

    This Is A Miscarriage Of Justice

    Cerebral Occipital Protroberance

    Get The Hell Outta Here Brain You Don’t Work Here No More

    Now that I’ve gotten all THAT out of my system, this game really looks terrible. Thank you.

  8. Mister Forth says:

    Very strange game.

  9. colonial says:

    I had the Commodore 64 version of Micro League with Hogan/Savage on one side and Hogan/Orndorff on the other.

    Had the feel of a “prehistoric” RTS game than today’s modern wrestling games, but there were times where the action lacked any rhyme or reason.

    The commentary also made little sense, especially if you got Vince/Bruno as your team. Bruno would ask Vince for Bromo-Seltzer, than wonder if Vince would like some hot dogs.

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