It Came From YouTube: Madusa trashes her chances of ever returning to WWE

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In 1995 Alundra Blayze (AKA: Madusa) was WWF Woman’s Champion.

She defected to WCW with the WWF belt behind Vince McMahon’s back, dumped it in the garbage on a live episode of WCW Monday Nitro, and was subsequently blackballed from WWE as a result.

She hasn’t been featured on WWE TV in clips, or mentioned on TV since.

I’m guessing she probably regrets this decision these days…

Let’s file this under “It seemed like a good idea at the time”.

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21 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Madusa trashes her chances of ever returning to WWE"
  1. Mike says:

    Anyone see a little while back when she was on Twitter “shooting” on AJ for posing with the Women’s Championship?

  2. Hunter says:

    I doubt she really cares one way or the other. She still plays Madusa as a big star on the Monster Jam monster truck tour, and has actually been a good enough driver to have won a few championships there.

    • Joey says:

      Good for her and all to have a stable career outside of wrestling, something that only a few people ever got. But let’s be honest, is switching from ‘professional wrestling champion’ to ‘monster truck champion’ a step up or a step down?

      • Anonymous says:

        Seriously? These days it’s a definite step DOWN. It’s gotten so bad that Chyna had a choice between getting back into wrestling or doing porn and she chose porn.

        • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

          No, she does porn because she’s been blackballed from WWE and has no other talents to fall back on. WWE would have had her back years ago if they’d wanted her. They don’t- she’s damaged goods.

  3. The Scanian Maniac says:

    In the WWE documentary about the “Monday Night Wars” it is clear that this was Eric Bischoffs idea, and that she really didn’t want to do it, I think?

  4. patricko says:

    Don’t recall where, but awhile back, read somewhere about royalty checks.

    She continued to get a nice chunck of change from WWE long after she left.
    And now that they own all the WCW footage, my guess is that she’ll still get checks from them, though probably greatly reduced by this time.

  5. Cactus Mac says:

    Of course, we saw just how much more WCW cared for their women’s title. I remember seeing her defend on a few pay-per-views, then it seemed like she and the title just disappeared.

    I didn’t see this moment when it happened, but I was led to believe this was a huge deal. But between Medusa’s lack of enthusiasm, and the fact that they immediately brought in a celebrity guest right after, this all seemed like a sudden, last-second decision that wasn’t thought out well.

  6. Scrooge McSuck says:

    Wasn’t the story going ’round that the company was in such a bad way, the WWF was thinking of dropping the Women’s Division all together? I know they just brought in Aja Kong, but somewhere I remember reading Madusa/Blayze’s contract expiring and not offered renewal. Throwing the belt in the trash was kind of symbolic of what WWE was doing to the female workers (not the eye candy that would start coming in, like Marlena and Sable).

  7. Paul S. says:

    What’s kinda jaw dropping is how badly WCW dropped the ball with her briefly starting their own women’s division only to abruptly drop it after having her job to Akira Hokuto on pay-per-view a couple of times.

    They also briefly added a women’s Cruiserweight title only to abruptly forget about it. Strange they didn’t feature women wrestling on Nitro until they had canned just about everone that could work.

  8. Thomas Moffatt says:

    The thing with this incident was that it was a key fact in the Montreal Screwjob – I don’t agree with what Vince did but when you see this you understand why – that would have been far more humiliating

  9. Nickety-split says:

    Yea, I’d say Madusa is doing pretty well without WWE. It’s not like she’s charging fans $50 to spoon with her.

  10. Doc 902714 says:

    They haven’t forgotten her completely..

    A while back she was on the WWE website in the Where Are They Now? section where she reflected on her time with WWE and subsequent jump to WCW. She said she has fond memories of working for both organizations but regrets dropping the Women’s Title in the trash deal.

  11. Guest says:

    She “deflected”?

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