It Came From YouTube: Kevin Sullivan explains The Tower Of Doom

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Crapper Paul S. writes:

Between those NWA video trailers and the Dungeon of Doom we’ve seen a lot of Kevin Sullivan on this site lately. Well here’s some more. Remember that video commercial for Great American Bash ’88 hyping a “Tower of Doom Match?” He’s Kevin Sullivan trying to explain exactly what a “Tower of Doom” is supposed to be.

Also I love the blueprint Sullivan has a diagram display. It’s like he ordered the “Acme Tower of Doom” kit.

This really reminds me of how whenever TNA would introduce some sort of bizarre gimmick like “The Fight For the Right Tournament” and would always begin explaining them by saying “it’s really quite simple.”

I love your Wile E. Coyote comparison! This is great. I’ve never seen this or Great American Bash ’88 before. Thanks, Paul!

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12 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Kevin Sullivan explains The Tower Of Doom"
  1. neuronin says:

    “And, Jimmy Gahvin, if you don’t believe me, why don’t you ask Patty…where she was last night?”

    She must’ve been helping the Taskmaster paint the miniatures in the diorama explaining the mechanics of whatever his next gimmick was.

  2. John says:

    The Anti-War Games match no excitement, no anything really. One of the infamous trademarks for the NWA/WCW gimmick match let’s have trap doors that never opens the way we think it will. A lever that doesn’t do anything (Chamber of Horrors) a wheel that had to land on Coal Miners’s Glove match (Spin the Wheel-Halloween Havoc ’92). Now if there was a video of Sullivan explaining the Dungeon of Doom…oh yeah, “SULLIVANNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  3. RhineStoneCowboy says:

    God damn that Jimmy Gaaaarvin!

  4. GeneMean says:

    Abudadein reference? Check.
    Ill-defined gimmick match? Check.
    Feud that treats women like a tradeable commodity? Check.

    It’s the Kevin Sullivan Hat Trick, folks!

  5. Thomas Moffatt says:

    Isn’t one of the first rules of Wrestlecrap that having to explain the rules of a match using graphics means trouble and a ton of crap to come???

    • "The Big Cheese" Paul Kraft says:

      Yes. That’s the Second Rule of WrestleCrap. The First Rule of WrestleCrap is “Don’t forget to bring the Twinkie Wiener Sandwiches”.

      • Paul R. from says:

        I thought the first rule of Wrestlecrap was not to talk about Wrestlecrap… Or am I confusing it with something else?

  6. Nick Nutter says:

    Is that the same cage they used in “Ready To Rumble” and Slambouree 2000?

  7. I'm Not Using My Real Name says:

    The Tower of Doom is going to be on the new War Games set coming out soon.

  8. Alan says:

    They also used this cage at WCW Uncensored 1996 I believe, along with Slamboree 2000 and in “Ready To Rumble”.

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