It Came From YouTube: Jimmy Hart as you’ve never seen him before…

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Crapper Davids writes:

I’m speechless. Drop The Bass.

What the…

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15 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Jimmy Hart as you’ve never seen him before…"
  1. John says:

    The horror…the horror…

  2. The Angry Jobber says:

    My Eyes!! The Goggles do nothing!

  3. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    I made brain-bleach flavoured Kool-Aid. Who wants some?

  4. Matt Soileau says:

    Someone’s been taking too much IcoPro…

  5. Scrooge McSuck says:

    We are some sick motherfuckers… I mean, yes, that was pretty damn awful, but we all watched it willingly, and once you watch it, you can’t unwatch it.

  6. TheSaintOfPain says:

    …What the hell was that?

  7. Sean Bateman says:

    There is not enough bleach to erase that out my mind!!!! Dammit. Paul!

  8. JyriErik says:

    Get a gun, get a gun. We’re losing altitude

  9. Anonymous says:

    Dubstep truly is the new disco. A bane on mankind.

  10. ballroombasher says:

    I guess you turn senile after you turn 70 years old :(

  11. Rafique Tucker says:

    God Help me, I didn’t need to see that. I’ll never look at Jimmy Hart that same way again…

  12. Hardcore Dummy says:

    Make the bad man stop

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