It Came From YouTube: Current WWE Superstars on NXT a few years ago

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Crapper Sean Bateman submitted this video and writes:

Five things I learned from this:
1) R-Truth predicted Johnny Curtis as a dancer.
2) Derrick Bateman (no relation to me) is more psychic than Wrestlecrap’s resident “psychic” Gary Spivey and John Edwards combined.
3a) Conor O’Brian looks like a rat
3b) Bryon Saxton does look like Carlton
4) At the time, Big Brodus needed a personality
5) According to Zigglypuff, Steve Blackman is not real

I have nothing to add; except to say thanks for the submission, Sean!

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4 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: Current WWE Superstars on NXT a few years ago"
  1. spinningtorturerack says:

    I love how Ted Dibiase has given up on having a personality

  2. Dan Sheldon says:

    Daniel Bryan and Derrick Bateman were cracking me up!

  3. Jack Mehoff says:

    Wow, I just watched the whole clip, i must be drunk and high.

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