It Came From YouTube: Bastion Booger loses debut match to Virgil

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From WWF Superstars June 19th, 1993.

This match is notable for a few reasons:

1. It’s Bastion Booger’s debut match under this gimmick after dropping the Friar Ferguson gimmick.
2. And he loses it (!) to Virgil (!!).
3. Virgil wins! Virgil wins! Virgil wins! Oh sure, it was a meaningless match but how often did we get to see that?

What was the point of jobbing poor Bastion in his debut match to a guy like Virgil? It’s a heatless win for Virgil and a pointless loss for Bastion that makes him look like a complete loser right out of the gate.

Still, Jerry Lawler using the Telestrator to make fun of Randy Savage at the end is pretty funny.

P.S- Doesn’t Bastion have the best theme music ever?

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