It Came From YouTube: A talking shark eats a wrestler! Alert the authorities!

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A talking shark has eaten a Pro Wrestler who was chewing Cinn*A*Burst gum!

(How often will I get the chance to say that in my life, I ask you?…)

Wait a minute! A Pro Wrestler who chewed gum. Hmm…

Maybe the shark ate Mr. Perfect! He’d have been the perfect lean and sensible lunch.

I just saw the above commercial on the Tribute To Cinn*A*Burst Gum on Dinosaur Dracula. Check out the other classic Cinn*A*Burst commercials featured in that article!

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8 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: A talking shark eats a wrestler! Alert the authorities!"
  1. Dr. Phart-Ebum says:

    I swear I didn’t just see this on Dinosaur Dracula…

  2. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    Wow, could they BE any more insulting? “Wrestlers are idiots! Buy our gum!” Yeah, a great ad strategy when wrestling was at it’s peak, popularity-wise. No wonder the gum went the way of WCW.

  3. The Doctor of Style says:

    To quote the shark, “Out-r-a-a-a-geous!”

  4. Paul R. from says:

    When I read the headline, “A Talking Shark Eats A Wrestler”, I thought this was gonna be about that time John Tenta was in WCW and a bunch of jobbers *mysteriously* disappeared :-)

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