It Came From YouTube: A most wonderful WCW theme song

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Crapper Little Louie P (The Doctor of Style) writes:

Formerly impossible to find on the internet, Paul Orndorff’s “wonderful” WCW theme song is now on Youtube in all its operatic glory.

This has quickly become one of my favorite wrestling theme songs of all time. How can you not love every second of this song?!

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16 Responses to "It Came From YouTube: A most wonderful WCW theme song"
  1. Barronmore says:

    Have you guys ever thought of doing the “wrestlecrap tournament of craptastic theme songs” because I’m sure this and “American Males” would meet in the finals. ☺

    How did I ever miss seeing this….

  2. Sean BatemanMr. says:

    Bobby Heenan made a joke about this wonderful song when Mr. Wonderful faced Disco Inferno. That one liner was Vintage Heenan. Also, Paul Orndorff is still Mr. Wonderful and still has that most wonderful spike piledriver

  3. John C says:

    “I am Mr. Wonderful (gentle kiss) I am Mr. Wonderful (still gentle kiss)”

  4. Autrach Sejanoz says:

    “You know folks, this is the song they played at Schiavone’s third wedding.” God bless you, Brain.

  5. Leon Fitz says:

    I could swear I saw you guys post this just a few weeks ago.

  6. Mister Forth says:

    I love that this version has the lyrics in the description.

  7. Vince B says:

    Another quite underrated theme song? Rick Martel’s “The Model” theme.


    • Rob says:

      Is it still underrated if an adult film star by day wrestler by night uses it as the foundation for his theme music?

      • Vince B says:

        Holy sh*t, it really is! They just added some new instruments on top of it. Wow, that’s wild!

        I can’t think of any other examples of that. I mean WCW reused themes wholesale a few times, but that’s different than remixing a theme for a different wrestler.

        • Fred says:

          Recycled themes? There are a ton of them in the WWE… Man Mountain Rock / Headbangers; The Rockers / Rock N Roll Express, Tazz / Shield, Ernest Miller / Brodus Clay, Dean Malenko / Cesaro, The New Foundation / Heavenly Bodies, Jamie Noble / Lance Cade / Jack Swagger are just a couple that come to mind.

  8. jyrierik says:

    I LOVED that song. Especially when they intro’d it. They actually had the two singers by the by the entrance way singing it as he walked in. (Can’t recall if Gary Spivey was there or not).

  9. The Scanian Maniac says:

    Was it really a jobber who started the “Paula Paula” chants?


  10. Drew says:

    If you like this song about a steroid enhanced musclehead, may I humbly suggest that you amble on down to your Cobb County record store and pick up a copy of THE best song ever – Hard Times. Ol’ Ray would’ve stomped a mudhole into Orndorff and Martel and still had time to polish off both sides of the menu at the Waffle House.

    • Vince B says:

      Hard Times is really great, but I like Demolition’s theme and American Dream better.

      There are honestly not that many classic WWF themes that aren’t good. I mean, I’ve never been a big fan of the Rockers theme and Strike Force’s theme sounds like bad sitcom music, but even those are better than poor Cesaro’s “discount Tazz” theme.

  11. Rob says:

    They then used the instrumental as the Maestro’s entrance theme.

  12. Preparation Triple H says:

    The best wrestling theme song has to be Slick’s “Jive Soul Bro”:


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