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Obscure, strange, and sometimes downright horrible wrestling merchandise that someone paid good money to obtain.

Someone Bought This: Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake foam scissors

16 Submitted by on Wed, 05 June 2013, 00:00
These Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake foam hedge clippers erm.. I mean “scissors” were sold at WWF live events in the early 1990′s. Mostly, I just remember being disappointed that you couldn’t open and close them, so all you could do was wave them around like some kind of crazed eccentric gardener. UPDATE- The son of the man who designed these Continue Reading...
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It Came From YouTube: Steve Austin terrorizes a city in his music video “Oh Hell Yeah!”

6 Submitted by on Sun, 02 June 2013, 18:48
Crapper E-Squared submitted this and writes: I remember that this song was advertised in the commercial for “WWF: The Music vol. 4,” but I never knew that a video existed for this song until years after this. It’s funny to see Austin as like a Godzilla-like monster, though the song could have been a lot better. Eh… It really needs Gamera there Continue Reading...
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Someone Bought This: Hulk Hogan Light Switch Cover Plate

14 Submitted by on Thu, 30 May 2013, 09:44
I came across this Hulk Hogan Light Switch Cover Plate straight from 1986. I’ll just quote from part of the description: Hey Hulkamaniacs! The Hulkster has the power…the power to turn on the lights that is… Check out this vintage 1986 Hulk Hogan action figure functional light switch plate. This light switch cover features a Hulk Hogan action figure functional light Continue Reading...
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Someone Bought This: Hulk Hogan “Hulkamania workout set” with motivational audio

11 Submitted by on Wed, 29 May 2013, 00:00
Matt over at X-Entertainment has done an article on the Hulk Hogan “Hulkamania workout set.” And here is a video clip of the commercial itself. Hey; who better to sell the Hulk Hogan workout set than Paul Orndorff? Erm, wait… Now that you know what it is and what’s in it, I have something really interesting to show you! This Continue Reading...
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